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Since 2001, the Abrams Firm has been a recognized leader in consumer protections. Known as an innovator in much needed legal services and very friendly structures, consistently answering the needs of consumers.

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The Abrams Firm has a tradition of Consumer Protections since 2001. It is our Mission to Protect Consumers from the Harm and Corruption which has been identified by Consumer Protectorates, including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments. The Firm, as undefeated consumer trial firm, or as a cost-effective partner to consumer flat-rate solutions, has always been and shall continue to be a defender of Consumer Justice!

> Timeshare Ownership DivestmentTimeshare Fraud Scams are handled by our Timeshare Attorneys

Timeshare Owners needed rapid solutions to avoid timeshare fraud in the predatory aftermarket industry.  Our duty:  TO PROTECT TIMESHARE OWNERS, 1 CONSUMER AT A TIME. Front-line consumer protections are proactive, and the imperative was for a direct solution to divest timeshare ownership safely before consumers could become victims of aftermarket timeshare fraud. The Abrams Firm has sought to preempt fraud abuse in this troubled sub-industry. For valuable information on how to avoid timeshare fraud scams, timeshare owners may visit, Timeshare Consumer Protection Alerts & Advisories, to help keep you safe from the brutal aftermarket.


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micro-Small Business & Start-Ups

We carried this same consumer protectorate tradition forward into extending legal protections to micro-Small Business Owners, because these small businesses can’t afford a team of in-house lawyers, and thus are the rough equivalent of the ‘consumer’ in the wild & wooly world of high commerce.  As a defender of the micro-Small Business, we have only one demand from the business, where our representation shall last as long as your company is pure and genuinely respectful toward consumers, for which we will insist upon a morals clause. If you are this sterling micro-Small Business, we have a good match to assist you.

Answering the Needs of Consumers identified by Consumer Protectorates from the FTC, Attorney General & Justice Departments

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