Small Business Law

The Abrams Firm represents micro-Small Biz owners who need inexpensive, but highly productive legal solutions. As a result, we have handled a wide range of legal problems commonly experienced by businesses. Your small business deserves astute legal expertise to proactively avoid many common legal problems that businesses experience, and when issues do arise, you’ll appreciate a highly skilled counsel that knows your business well, and is the sort of lawyer who can rapidly and effectively resolve matters, often on the spot.

Contract Law
contract disputes
customized agreements

Real Estate Law
real estate transactions
commercial/business leases
regulatory compliance issues

Small Business Start-Ups
entity formation (LLC and “C” and “S” corporate choices)
accounting -and- human resources in-house affiliates (central-source)

Corporate Counsel
fully integrated into your business at economical rates

Top 7 reasons why The Abrams Firm is the savvy and cost-conscious small biz choice

Social Media Law and Social Media Opportunity
take full advantage the digital media expanse (without exceeding its legal limits)

Intellectual Property Law
trademark and copyright and other IP protections

Front-Line Pre-Litigation Prevention
rapid response resolutions
negotiated settlement agreements

Trusted Litigation Advisement – Unbiased Expert Analysis
If needed, a former undefeated trial attorney can advise and provide valuable insight:
referrals to hand selected, on-point trial attorneys
client advisement—monitoring of case matters & costs