Top 7 Reasons — Small Business Corporate Counsel Outsourcing — Protections for the micro-Small Biz

1.   Small Business CEOs and key executives (as directed) get rapid advise from Corporate Counsel:

  • Legal Clarification
  • Contract Analysis
  • Preventative Law

2.   Corporate Counsel can be dispatched to a supervisor or departments as directed:

  • Formal response to legal issues (lawyer letters, etc.)
  • Swift resolutions to critical action matters
  • Preventive Law Compliance and Training

3.   Corporate Counsel with solid Consumer Law experience

  • Statutory Compliance at local, state and federal levels
  • Consumer Best Practices Planning and workplace policy

4.   Human Resources strategies and best practices to minimize liability risk

  • Comprehensive or selective HR services: hire – fire – document

5.   Protection for trade secrets and other proprietary or confidential information

6.   Rapid and accurate legal research (cost-effective) for requested legal issues

7.   Custom contracts and forms:

  • Legal compliance and practical business solutions

There is a tremendous economy of savings in having rapid answers before some “minor” issue blows up. Plus, when the need arises for legal services such as custom contracts or formal responses to legal issues, the costs are not well contained when shopping for legal services—after the need arises. The micro-Small Biz owner needs creative solutions to compete on a level playing field, so think of your outsourced corporate counsel as the preferred Power Tool for the micro-CEO on the way up.

Recognizing that our clients are dynamic and ingenious business–that just happen to be micro–still means they want to be worldly. You want to do it right, and everything actually matters even though your on a budget… like how you could afford legal expenses if something came up, or if you just had to pay what slightly larger businesses in your marketplace regularly pay, so the Abrams Firm developed industry revolutionizing pricing structures to answer the specific needs of micro-Small Businesses.