Legal Timeshare Divestment

The Timeshare Owner alone must determine when it’s in their best financial interest to Divest Timeshare Ownership. If you arrive at the conclusion that it’s time to divest all ownership and obligations associated with your timeshare, then you may want a Hands-off Secure Solution:

Lawyer Managed Solutions
Consumers want to end timeshare ownership with dignity and security (avoiding aftermarket fraud).  When working with The Abrams Firm Lawyers, please expect the highest level of expertise and some of the most consumer-friendly fees in the industry.

Complimentary case evaluation by a Consumer Lawyer


NO Upfront Fee — Contingency Fees are earned AFTER Full Performance

Welcome to the:Safe-Zone for Timeshare Owners

One Good Decision and You're Done!

One Good Decision and You’re Done!

* THE ABRAMS FIRM SERVICES ARE SUBJECT TO LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Please note that Attorney Availability in November and December can be limited, particularly getting nearer to Maintenance Fee Due Dates in December when people want it to go away before the Holidays.
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