Timeshare Divestment




*Complete Timeshare Ownership Divestment

*All Associated Fees and Mortgages Waived


2009   ->   all owners successfully divested
2010   ->   all owners successfully divested
2011   ->   all owners successfully divested
2012   ->   all owners successfully divested
2013   ->   96% + the specific reasons why
2014   ->   2014-2015 ending calculations
**Past Performance does not guarantee results



*Consumer-Friendly Contingent Fees

*Earned After Full-Performance



Fee Discounts?
Credit Protection?
Stopping Payments?
Donation Information?
Recovering Money Paid?

Pay nothing… until we Perform just as Promised to get you out of your timeshare and all the associated debts and fees you owe the resort

The Abrams Firm has a tradition & track record of fighting for the Fundamental Rights of Consumers. Commitment to secure vital objectives for consumers started in 2001, adapting to fight alarming rates of timeshare fraud. Our consumer protection law firm has always been committed to succeed for Consumer Justice! This Consumer Tradition is deeply rooted in our firm’s founder, Consumer Protection Attorney, John Philip Abrams. Our service can assist you as Timeshare Owners to receive consumer friendly flat rates for reliable and affordable Attorney-Direct Timeshare Divestment services.

Learn more about safe timeshare divestment from this infographic.

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Cancel a Timeshare

End timeshare ownership legally with dignity!
>  Legal Documents: Reviewed and/or Drafted by skilled Lawyers
>  Secure your objective, end all timeshare-related obligations

Now you can have a stress-free final chapter to your timeshare story. This is a new paradigm for most Timeshare Owners is because Consumer Protection Attorneys have the fundamental perspective that “Consumers” are at the TOP of the Pyramid.

Our vital public interest objective has evolved to a dedicated mission for consumer resolutions, because absent such a commitment to justice, people would face daunting odds of achieving a lawful resolution. The Abrams Firm fully manages consumer timeshare divestment needs efficiently and with the commitment to Fundamental Rights that consumers deserve.

The Firm is a respected leader in legal timeshare divestment services, within an aftermarket industry that is riddled with timeshare fraud. With a track record of literally Thousands of successful consumer matters and growing over the years, we may be selective, but that is an advantage.

There are no 800# reps or even any paralegals, as the service is performed 100% by Consumer Protection Attorneys who will work 1-on-1 with you, and very importantly directly with mega-resort and vacation clubs, managing every aspect throughout your case until ownership is divested.

Sell a Timeshare

For Lucky Owners with exceptional resorts, you get a check at the close of escrow (COE). Real estate brokers verify values with comparable sales data. Only use licensed brokers specializing in exceptional timeshares with 100% contingent fees. No tricks, just a check, if you have value you are very lucky!

Marketability is often upside-down in the world of Timeshares

> We ask our Licensed Real Estate Brokers to see if yours has value!

> The BIG picture reveals a worse fate – $1000s paid for Timeshare Scams

> “Sham Transactions” are legally defective (potential tailing liabilities)

If you have marketable value, then you’ll know your options to collect a check! But, if you are like most people who have a valueless timeshare and need cancellation relief to end all future obligations associated with a timeshare, that ultimately requires the owner obtain a:


Answering the Needs of Consumers identified by Consumer Protectorates from the FTC, Attorney General & Justice Departments

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