Timeshare Fraud – Upfront Fees*


Timeshare Sales Fraud comes in many forms… but none of them sell your timeshare.

Timeshare Sales – Timeshare Listings & Timeshare Listing Scams – NO Upfront Fees

For example, you can “list a timeshare for sale” (known as “Timeshare Listings”), but if the buyer is a company and not a natural person, the timeshare resort may frequently (and legally) deny the sale. And if you find out how to list timeshares for sale and the buyer is an insolvent individual, your timeshare contract may allow the timeshare resort or vacation club to deny the sale completely, either before it happens or after the sale or transfer of ownership (with secondary liability to the previous owner… that means you!).

Timeshare Sales – Timeshare Transfers & Transfer Fraud Schemes  – Just say “No” to Upfront Fees

Some people feel it’s a good idea to spend many thousands of dollars to “transfer a timeshare” to some sort of company or an individual through a “timeshare transfer service”. However, the same sort of complications that timeshare “listings” have, may also cause a “timeshare transfer” to never happen. And in many cases the service that claims they are [quote] “transferring your timeshare”, are really just a front for a fraud-scheme that takes money but secretly knows they won’t transfer anybody’s timeshare, ever.



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