Timeshare Laws

Timeshare Laws have many variables, but mostly we hear of no relief for the vast millions of timeshare owners. There are some protections in the first 3 to 10 days (depending on the state or country you were in) for a contract rescission, and if you are in that time period which is exact (for example, “5 days”), then please rapidly contact an attorney in the state or country you bought the timeshare in for immediate advisement. However, after the rescission period, the resort contracts are fairly bulletproof. Please always check with attorneys in the forum state [the law enforced, the jurisdiction & venue for any dispute arising under the contract], so you know your specific rights. If it turns out, like for so many, that the resort legal battle would be cost-prohibitive, then maybe it’s time to get more information on a cost-conscious timeshare divestment.

Timeshare Sales…
Upfront Fees v. Pure Consumer Protection Info

These timeshare con-artists will tell you that you need to pay thousands in upfront fees and you must pay it all TODAY,based upon a fallacious promise to sell that won’t outlive the minute duration of their fake company. Frequently these companies go in and out of business with new names and just simply deceive a whole new set of consumers. To learn more about this, please obtain a copy of our timeshare owners’ survival guidebook that is authored by a Timeshare Industry-Specific Consumer Protection Attorney, and freely given to timeshare owners as a complimentary consumer resource from

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