End ownership and all mortgages and maintenance fees going forward with flexible financial options depending on your individual circumstances. 

Cooperative release by Timeshare Resorts, ending in a Settlement Document that cancels all of your financial obligations, past, present, and future.

Get relief from a timeshare contract through timeshare divestment or by joining or starting a multi-party, or a
class action against a billion-dollar resort.

Our Clients Include:

DOJ, AG employees and family, Military Intelligence, Lawyers, and even a United States Congressman.

Timeshare Divestment Service:

–End all resort debts – past, present, and future
–Large mortgage balances and/or multiple upgrades are still    only $1000 – $4000 flat rate (no extra cost)

Real Attorneys, Not Salespeople

We’re a leader in timeshare cancellations with no salespeople or telemarketers. Please call for a 1-on-1 consultation with a Consumer Attorney who practices timeshare law.

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Our Timeshare Knowledge Base

Our “Knowledge Base” can teach you terminology and what to look for – and the many scams to look out for – when you need to exit your timeshare (click on the “Knowledge Base” menu at the top of the homepage, or see the latest “Timeshare News” below).

Beware of to whom you pay an upfront fee, as Timeshare “exit companies” may represent the latest wave of fraud.

Learn the 7 lies that timeshare companies use to sell timeshares.

People always ask: How do I get out of my timeshare? The first question to ask is: What do I own?

Latest News from The Abrams Firm

Read the latest stories written by our Timeshare Divestment attorneys 

Just last week the Washington Attorney General finalized a consent decree against the timeshare exit company Reed Hein & Associates LLC. The company is required to pay 2.61 million in, refunds and attorney’s fees and may be on the hook for an additional 19 million if […]
Much like its competitors Marriott Vacations Worldwide has also been making strides in consolidating the timeshare market. As our Consumer Protection Attorneys have spoken about before the timeshare industry is seeing a dramatic shift as a few big spender competitors have begun buying up all the […]
Do you need to pay your maintenance fees? It is one of the most frequent questions we are asked when taking in clients to cancel their timeshare. While there is no one simple answer for what happens if you stop paying, there is information to give […]