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Our Consumer Protection Law Firm is different:
Consumers deserve absolute clarity & transparency: verification link (verify the phone and website listed at the Bar Association). The Abrams Firm is the ONLY ONE to provide Consumers all the information in an open light to make a well-informed decision — including flat rate prices openly disclosed:

Timeshare that is Paid in Full:    $3500
Mortgage that is under $25,000:    $4500
25-50: $5500; 51-75: $6500; over 75: $7500

We are the leader in the timeshare cancellation industry with the best published Divestment Track Record (below). We are the only one with ALL Consumer Protection Attorneys and absolutely no upfront fees!

Most timeshare cancellation companies are surreptitiously owned by former timeshare salesmen. Don’t get fooled again!

At the Abrams Firm, our clients pay AFTER the timeshare cancellation (100% contingent fee). You should never trust a “sales” person when it involves “legal” documents. You need accurate disclosure of your “legal” rights & obligations. When timeshare con-artists tell you not to pay your mortgage and fees, and don’t worry because they will get your credit cleaned up later (or even get your money back)… they say all those fraudulent inducements in order to trick you (see how) into paying an upfront fee TODAY.

Sound familiar?? — you are told a bunch of false promises to induce your signature on a cancellation contract, just like your original timeshare contract — because it’s the same “sales” people. But you are empowered now and can talk directly to a highly knowledgeable and totally verifiable Licensed Lawyer!


Some Resorts refuse to let owners out:
Certain resorts decided recently to not cooperate with fair divestment on well-researched cases, so the only solution was to sue to seek Punitive Damages. We developed a Pro-Consumer solution that uses small plaintiff groups to pool resources.  This solution is very cost effective with a total cost flat rate.

How can the upfront fee “Exit Companies” with horrible (or non-existent) cancellation records “Guarantee” you will get out ? They can’t! And, only licensed Lawyers can sue the resorts that refuse amicable settlements. See if your resort is being sued right now on the Litigation Page.  

The solution for recalcitrant resorts is Consumer Justice!  Judges & Juries can provide judgments and punitive damages for victims of Bait & Switch Fraud. 

It is amazing how you can read the Facts Section of the Complaints and the individual Plaintiff Facts in all the filed cases, and you may see the exact same type of fraud that you experienced: See the Filed Cases.    

licensed in the proper state to perform all litigation and divestment matters from consultation through final resolution

Breaking News:
Google News – USA Today – Yahoo Finance – Detroit Free Press – June 2019
Google News, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, the BBB, and the Detroit Free Press are warning consumers about upfront fees + see on-point Consumer Alert!

Consumers are victimized by exit team companies like this couple in the Google News / Detroit Free Press 06/13/19 news release. Their story is compelling, and illustrative of why Consumers should not be pay Upfront Fees:  

Google News/USA Today/freep.com/timeshare-cancellation-scam

Timeshare scam alert – thank you Detroit Free Press + see this Consumer Advisory

Yahoo Finance/freep.com/timeshare-exit-company-scams

The victims of these exit team scams are all told about a money back “Guarantee” but are forced to pay the full price today. Beware and follow the BBB recommendations and the links they have for you inside and inside the Consumer Advisory above – Trust the FTC, DOJ, FBI,  and AGs – Do not pay upfront fees to sell a timeshare, and the recommendation of Consumer Protectorates is: NO Upfront fees to cancel a timeshare contract. Thank you BBB and Detroit Free Press:

BBB/freep.com/June 2019/exiting-timeshare-scams

BBB: See Last “Customer Review” of Lindsey G., employee of the DOJ & Attorney General
And read the full text of the 2 [non-complaint] “Complaints” from a huge amount of  satisfied clients:
One got exit docs (expand the details) yet the final signature was delayed by the resort, BUT came in 4 days!
The other thought we weren’t responding, but it was the wrong phone number and we were spending thousands!
The main point is 2, of countless satisfied consumers, discovered there simply was NO complaint and both retracted!

Our Clients include:

Department of Justice (DOJ), Attorney General (AG), other administrative or regulatory agencies employees, family/friends and even a United States Congressman. 

We are Nothing like fraud companies in the Aftermarket Industry…

*Fee Earned After Performance
*Consumer-Safe by Licensed Lawyers
*Waives Maintenance Fees and Mortgage
*No Generational debt of Children’s Children…
*Over ten thousand less for high balance mortgages!


How do I  Verify on my own that this is the real attorney?

Case Development 7-Phase Research&Development

Welcome to the FTC Safe-Zone for Timeshare Owners

33 Companies came to us to take their cases (major players in the aftermarket industry)

A total of 33 Companies approached us (email/phone) over a 6-week period. The majors and mediums lined up to seek our assistance. Millions in fees and signing bonuses flown about… I never returned one email or call.  Attorneys started calling over the next 8 weeks, and some were very vocal to express their generosity for our assistance: We refused to even talk to them!

These companies and “law firms” got cut off long before, then over a year later they learned that they walked into a trap… they were trapped because of their own greed.

Former Timeshare Salesmen pretending to be advocates, even impersonating lawyers, stole Millions pretending to help owners, but it was ALL about the Upfront Fees. 

Trust the FTC, DOJ and FBI:

Do your own Google search (for “FTC 191 Timeshare Fraud”) and you will see the original article that is linked the FTC Infographic that has been on the at bottom of this page since the sting in 2013. The FTC, DOJ and FBI had 191 Timeshare Fraud actions with 184 facing criminal charges for Upfront Fee companies in the timeshare aftermarket.

Even though one here & there could potentially sell [to consumers unaware that timeshares are NOT selling on eBay for even $1.00], the FBI was not impressed and cuffed & stuffed the thieves. The resorts eventually cut off all the left-over cancellation companies over 3 years ago. And where they were told “no” means no forever, some cancellation companies got 0% (zero) out which was worse than the listing companies, so maybe another FTC/DOJ/FBI sting could be on the way in 2019-20.

3 Common Faults among all those who claim to be “timeshare cancellation” companies

– They all charge Upfront Fees
– They usually never, if ever, get you out and,
– You Lose Your Money

The timeshare aftermarket is alarmingly dangerous for consumers. And, the new round of Con-Artists still make the consumers pay Upfront Fees. Accordingly, I never spoke (or emailed/mailed, etc.) to any of the 33 companies, nor their attorneys in the follow-up attempts. Consumers are safe here, but out there… it’s dangerous shark infested waters.

Consumers Must Beware and Be Cautions

If they came to us, then WHY (??) are they all still taking your money?
Probably to stock up money for when they flee, or maybe after a 20-30 year sentence in a “Club Fed” white collar, minimum security prison stay (10,000 victims or 15,000 is still 20 years, but they can steal millions more).

A PAYMENT PLAN –is – an Upfront Fee. When they say ‘it could take a year to get out’, it is because you still have to give them ALL the money first.
AN “ESCROW” –is – an Upfront Fee. Who controls the account? What are the rules for cashing in?? And, you still have to give them ALL the money first.

They may steal the phrase: “No Upfront Fee” BUT DON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN — corrupt businesses and former timeshare salesmen…

We really are different:

– No Upfront Fees (possibly the only one in the world?)

– All Consumer Protection Attorneys (no paralegals or caseworkers)

– Consumer Protection Law since 2001 in a law firm that puts consumers first

Timeshare Knowledge-based Glossary

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Knowledge is Power

The Abrams Firm – Proven Industry Leader:


*past performance does not predict future performance, but it reflects past experience & expertise.


“Maxim” – 1. Fundamental Principle, 2. General Truth.
Timeshare Maxim: Nobody gets outEverybody loses money – Millions want out – Few become Timeshare Survivors – WHO is Fighting for Your Rights?

What is CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW ? and who are


Be Safe! – TCPAA.org



The FTC, DOJ and FBI shut down 191 companies for Timeshare Aftermarket Fraud. Link to the FTC Alert below on their infographic; or, click the Abrams Firm’s “Tiki Infographic” (on the “Timeshare Divestment” page).

Who can Consumers rely on if no market value exists? CONSUMER PROTECTION ATTORNEYS

GET OUT OF A TIMESHARE INTEREST (US or International, deeded or points, paid or not)

We are purely Consumer Protection Attorneys who live for Consumer Justice!

Historically, timeshare owners were severely disenfranchised. Owners needed a way to plug into powerful legal resources, but most people couldn’t afford to wage lawsuits with billion-dollar resorts. Aftermarket Predators exploited this lack of consumer empowerment.

Accordingly, The Abrams Firm streamlined our processes as a consumer timeshare divestment service, where regular people become empowered and appreciate a consumer-friendly contingency fee (after performance). This fee is less than many services where you will never actually talk to a real Attorney, and not the hourly law firm rates ($350 to $650) like a litigation client would expect to pay a Consumer Trial Lawyer. This is all about expertise and efficiency, and when it comes to Timeshare Divestment, thousands of people have benefited from our guidance.

WHY?    We understand consumer needs!

*FTC ALERT (below)

In our law firm’s 3200 Timeshare Consumer Reports, we uncovered an 82% Fraud-Rate and high Money Loss Rate in the timeshare aftermarket.
Only Trust Verifiable Info… like the FTC:



See our “Latest News” in our blog research articles warning timeshare owners they should not pay upfront fees for cancelling timeshare contracts as published in Google News, USA Today and the Detroit Free Press.

Answering the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

The Contents of this website, TCPAA.org, and any linked websites, may involve work product of Consumer Attorneys,
but nothing shall constitute legal representation nor any legal advisement, and all such content is purely informational.