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Our Consumer Protection Law Firm is different:
Consumers deserve absolute clarity & transparency, and here is your verification link to verify the phone number and website listed at the Bar Association and that there are no bar disciplinary sanctions since the founding of the law firm in 2001. The Abrams Firm provides our clients all the information they need in an open light to make a well-informed decision, such as a flat rate price openly disclosed:

Cancel a Timeshare Contract for $2000

Contract Cancellation in 45 days or less in every case we accept. However, a Lawyer must prequalify your facts for certain fraud prerequisites to be able to take the case. Fill out some brief information to arrange your appointment with a licensed Attorney, or just call us for your complimentary Lawyer Consultation: 360-918-8196

Our Clients Include:
DOJ, AG employees and family, Military Intelligence, Lawyers, even a United States Congressman

Timeshare Consumer Lawyers enforce laws against resorts to uphold a timeshare divestment, where we have the legal case to hold the resorts accountable for unlawful fraud practices. Let our law firm assist you to be timeshare free, for life:

                    –> End all resort debts–past, present, and future
                    –> Large mortgage balances and/or multiple upgrades
                    –> $2000 flat rate (no extra costs) paid with performance

Lawyer Representation with fiduciary duties of competence, loyalty, and disclosure

Lawyer Up! Get Empowered!
As a leader in timeshare cancellations we are all Consumer Protection Attorneys with no paralegals, salespeople or telemarketers. When you call us, you will have a consultation directly with an attorney who is knowledgeable in who is timeshare law.
 You should never trust a “sales” person when it involves “legal” documents. You need accurate disclosure of your “legal” rights & obligations. Most exit companies are just former timeshare salesmen who make big promises but only deliver a “guarantee” that is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

You probably have NEVER even talked to a actual lawyer in these other companies and firms to directly discuss your case and get a lawyer’s analysis. 

Free Lawyer Consultation


Prefer to Litigate View our currently filed Billion-Dollar Resort Lawsuits.
If you desire to sue to seek a judgement get your money back, even Punitive Damages, we may have a litigation case to match. 


7-Phase R&D (Case Research and Case Development)
Your case is analyzed by a Timeshare Consumer Protection Attorney. So, consult with one of our Lawyers for an accurate evaluation of your case.

Why Us?      We understand consumer needs!

We are all Consumer Protection Attorneys who live for Consumer Justice! Historically, timeshare owners were severely disenfranchised. Since 2001 our firm has plugged consumers into powerful legal resources, so people can afford to get out of their timeshare and if challenged we will sue a billion-dollar timeshare resort at no extra charge. The Abrams Firm believes in consumer empowerment!

Our $2000 flat rate fee is less than many services where you will never actually talk to a real attorney.  And, we don’t charge the law firm’s hourly rate ($350 to $650). This is all about expertise and efficiency. When it comes to Timeshare Divestment, thousands of people have benefited from our guidance.

In the News:
Google News – USA Today – Yahoo Finance – Detroit Free Press – BBB – Attorney Generals – Federal Judges – Summer/Fall 2019
Trending: Consumers are victimized by exit team companies like this first story of a couple with a compelling story:
Google News/USA Today/freep.com/timeshare-cancellation-scam
St-Pete’s-Lawyer-Impersonated/Tampa Bay-Times/the-perfect-scam/
BBB/freep.com/June 2019/exiting-timeshare-scams

Latest Scams: Consumer Alert!    +   see this Consumer Advisory


In our law firm’s historical 3200 Timeshare Consumer Reports, we uncovered an alarming 82% Fraud-Rate.
High money losses in a timeshare aftermarket of illegitimate companies claiming to divest an owner’s timeshare.

WARNING! A Must See if you want to Sell a Timeshare

The FTC, DOJ and FBI…
shut down 191 companies, 184 arrests for Timeshare Fraud claiming to to Sell Your Timeshare . Who can Consumers rely on if no market value exists?

See the FTC, FBI and DOJ timeshare aftermarket sting:
www.ftc.gov/FTC-FBI-DOJ make over 184 arrests in a nationwide sting



Timeshare Laws applicable in a court of law in all states make it unlawful for Timeshare Corporations to defraud purchasers.
Any one violation of (a) through (f) below can constitute unlawful deception and fraud:

(a) Failure to provide certain documents and certain disclosures clearly and conspicuously as required by law, pursuant to §11225 & §11238;

(b) Failure to make proper disclosures as required by law with regard to the incidental benefits offered or not offered under the timeshare plan, pursuant to §11237;

(c) Making material misrepresentations, including, but not limited to material misrepresentations in connection with the promotion of a timeshare plan, the nature, qualities and/or characteristic of the offered timeshare plan, and/or its incidental benefits, pursuant to §11245;

(d) Charging assessments, including maintenance fees, in amounts not proscribed by law, or by failing to provide proper notice regarding the increase of fees, pursuant to §11265;

(e) Failing to deliver on certain promises within the time represented, pursuant to §11265; and,

(f) Conflicting, misleading and/or unlawful provisions among the various documents provided, pursuant to §11265;

This body of law along with state-specific laws, means resorts can face damages, including Punitive Damages for systematic and repeated violations of law. Many of our clients just want to be get out of their timeshare safely and securely, including all the associated mortgage debt, maintenance fees and family [multi-generational] liability. For these clients, a $2000 low-cost flat rate divestment is exactly what they want to secure. While some of our clients may desire to be part of a litigation to recover damages and send a bigger message to the resort seeking punitive damages in the multi-millions. Whatever you desire, our timeshare focused law firm can accommodate your objectives.


Answering all the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

This website does not provide legal advisement, and to obtain legal representation a signed contract is required.