2014-2015 and Beyond

In past years around April we calculated the divestment track record. We are done with monitoring overlapping years, and the decisions on what matters are carryover matters (where we still feel they can get out) and the subsequent calculating and recalculating.

The Abrams Firm earned a divestment record of 99.2% over 5 years* which was the best known track record in the world, and even though it would have been less in 2014 after final carryover recalculation, it still is a stellar track record.

But make no mistake, in 2015 and beyond, it looks even tougher for timeshare owners to get out, especially with mortgages—that means, more than ever, you need a skilled expert, maybe the services of the Consumer Protection Attorneys who earned the best track record in the world.*

It’s your choice… Make a good one!

Be Safe—NO Upfront Fees

For our Service there is NO Upfront Fee required
Our Service is done exclusively by Consumer Attorneys
Put the Burden on our Attorneys, pay AFTER FULL PERFORMANCE
As the Consumer, you deserve this security, especially in Timeshares!!


* Past performance does not guarantee future results, but it may be a good indicator of prior experience and competence to secure a specific objective.

Aftermarket Fraud-Rate

Answering all the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

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