7 Phase Case Research & Case Development

Our Consumer Protection Attorneys actually take the time to do these 7 procedures of case research, case development and case deployment.  These are the steps to successfully argue a client’s case for a comprehensive waiver by multi-million and billion-dollar resorts and vacation clubs, and as required, put forth the law supporting contract termination.
(1) Consumer Attorney Consultation with Cause of Action Inquiry
(2) Case Analysis, Strategic Planning, Tactical Release to the Resort
(3) Contract Documents Review, Legal Research, and Factual Overlay
(4) Crosscheck 1000s of archived Consumer Reports (for case support)
(5) Formation of the Client Demand Letters to be Served upon the Resort
(6) Necessary Drafting, particular to an individual case as may be required
(7) Access to available key Decision-Maker Executive or the Highest Counsel
Then we employ a regiment of Divestment Protocols which are used to ultimately Secure the Final Objective:

End Your Timeshare Ownership and Resort Obligations, Forever!

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The Fundamental rights of timeshare owners who need to sell a timeshare or cancel a timeshare.

We look out for timeshare owners who need to sell a timeshare or cancel a timeshare.


Answering all the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
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