When resorts resist worthy cases for timeshare divestment, the firm’s Consumer Protection Attorneys file lawsuits for Multiparty Actions to secure Consumer Justice!
It is very normal to pay tens of thousands for Trust Fund/Retainers to litigate against a billion-dollar company, but these multiparty actions are cost-effective Pro-Consumer solutions for $5000 with a financing option [see below] (your total litigation cost!)
These are the worst Resorts — When it comes to Divestment

See if your facts are similar to the Fact sections and the Plaintiffs’ individual facts in these litigation matters, and you may have a good match and reason to call for a free consultation to see if you qualify for a spot in one of these filed or impending lawsuits:

Hilton Litigation    Hilton Lit. Facts Supp.
 Bluegreen Litigation  Bluegreen Lit. Facts Supp.
Westgate Litigation   Holiday Inn (Silverleaf and Orange Lake)
GeoHoliday Litigation (Sapphire, Starpoint    GeoHoliday Lit. Facts Supp.

And Filing soon:  Wyndham Resorts, Marriott (Sheraton, Vistana), ResortCom (Villa del Group, El Cid), Capital Resorts, FantaSea Resorts 

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$5000 flat rate as a Total Litigation Cost
Litigation or Settlement to waive all obligations
(past, present & future… children) owed to the resort
and seek Punitive Damages for the Harm the Resort Caused

We are currently in the process of multiparty litigation against the above resorts because of their extremely poor divestment records —  the worst resorts for Consumer Rights in refusing to honor highly worthy cases with credible Testimony and Evidence presented by a leading Consumer Protection Attorney law firm for timeshare divestment.

Now they shall face the great leveler of Consumer Justice!  Sound-minded Juries & Judges of impartial, pure judgment shall hear a multiplicity of victims speak the same truths about severely abusive and predatory Bait & Switch Fraud.

It is the worst fraud schemes for Consumers that we put on Trial…
but we can’t help that, we must show the Fraud in a True Light
(and seek punitive damages for the harm they caused you)

Costs and Financing Payment
Litigation against a multi-million or billion-dollar company could cost $50,000 (or $100,000) in trust fund/retainers and it would be normal to pay all of the money before the lawsuit even begins. But here, we understand the needs of consumer-victims who are forced to sue to end abusive payments for a fraud contract and to protect your future generations from eternal debt. Accordingly, we structure our lawsuits to meet the needs of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation where they are caught in a timeshare trap. And that structure also includes financing options to meet the needs people with a real-world budget who need a real-world solution.      

Financing Options
If it would be more convenient for you to pay over time, you can finance your Trust Fund/Retainer over 6 months with an initial $1000 payment followed by 4 more $1000 payments and a final payment of $250 (for a total of $5250). This will allow you to be ready to join the Litigation immediately, which is critical so that you are on the Plaintiffs’ List should there be a  settlement at any time.

Or, you can finance payment over 11 months with an initial $500 payment followed by 10 more $500 payments (for a total of $5500) and you will be on the Plaintiffs’ List right away if there is a settlement. 

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—   From Consultation through final result at Trial or Settlement

Answering the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

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