THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM is a National Law Firm based in Melbourne Beach Florida, on the Atlantic coast just east of Orlando—where there are more timeshare resort headquarters than anywhere else in the world.

One place you can sue a resort for sure is a resorts corporate headquarters, and in some case there is favorable law in the specific jurisdiction where you purchased. We have Branch Offices strategically located in Las Vegas NV (treble damages), Gatlinburg TN ($500,000 Punitive Damages), and for good reason, other favorable jurisdictions such as Missouri [Branson], Hawaii, and network attorneys and litigators in California, Arizona, Texas with satellite attorneys in most every timeshare jurisdiction throughout the US and international timeshare markets we typically handle through the US federal courts.

When it comes to timeshare-focused settlements and litigation…
THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM has for 18 years been a dedicated leader for Consumer Justice!

THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM has since 2004, made resounding published records in Settlements (4 years of 100% and 99.2% over a five year timespan) and provides the Litigation prowess to assert your case when resorts don’t rapidly settle. But Remember, each case is different, so there are no predictions—to Settle case we articulate and draft legal memorandum of your real-world lawsuit case that you would have to sue them for if they won’t let you out with a fair settlement.

We give the resort chances to settle over 30 days, so if the resort has no relief even after they were served legal memoranda of the specific case for statutory noncompliance and fraud, then they actually will have to Answer a Complaint in a Court of Law.

The Attorneys of THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM all understand that our Client are victims of sophisticated Con-Artists and require direct representation and direct 1-on1 interactivity with Licensed Lawyers who can make their case larger-than-life against a resort giant. In the end, THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM is both effective and affordable, because what drives us is securing your Rights!