Group forums are a great way for you to connect with others of similar interests. Sadly, when looking at the […]
The FTC has released a video urging the public to report scams if they have been a victim. The video […]
The FTC has released an article detailing a timeshare exit scheme that is in the crosser hairs of Wisconsin’s attorney […]
The SEC published a warning from the FBI. Scammers are targeting owners of timeshares in Mexico. The scammers pretend they […]
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When one purchases a Timeshare, they are often directed by the resort to a booking company to properly make use […]
The Timeshare Industry thrives on deception, misdirection, and overwhelming pressure, they entrap consumers into high-pressure sales presentations. It’s imperative then […]
When looking to cancel a Timeshare, consumers often find themselves fighting an uphill battle against the resorts. Debt collectors, threatened […]