When one purchases a Timeshare, they are often directed by the resort to a booking company to properly make use […]
The Timeshare Industry thrives on deception, misdirection, and overwhelming pressure, they entrap consumers into high-pressure sales presentations. It’s imperative then […]
When looking to cancel a Timeshare, consumers often find themselves fighting an uphill battle against the resorts. Debt collectors, threatened […]
The Timeshare Industry can be ruthless in its dealings, and often, consumers are thrust into a chaotic sales pitch before […]
The Timeshare Industry is wrought with disinformation and secrecy, often seeking to entrap their consumers with false promises and deceptive […]
When consumers look to purchase a Timeshare, they are naturally concerned with one major factor, the alleged savings. By owning […]
Purchasing a timeshare is often done for logical reasons, whether it’s making use of the heavy discounts they offer, or […]
One of the main lines of thought that goes into purchasing a Timeshare is for genuine private use, a family […]