Less than two weeks ago, United States Attorneys in Florida convicted two individuals for conspiracy and fraud in connection with a […]
There has been significant critical discussion about the process of Donating a Timeshare. Consumers who are left with lots of misconceptions… […]
Let’s say they promised that you can make big money by selling a timeshare in a specified period of time, […]
People ask as a consumer protection attorney… Can we sell a timeshare this some new way? Can we transfer timeshare […]
Which Version is more Consumer-Oriented? Our last post  vs. tcpaa.org/self-help-sales-including-the-site-we-endorse-at-timeshareforums-com/ So, give us your feed back on the Artwork, User […]
The age-old question is: How to sell my timeshare safely (and legally), because selling a timeshare for many owners is not […]
I bought a Timeshare but… I’m not sure I made a good decision when I bought my timeshare, and by […]
The Abrams Firm has conducted over 3200 consumer interviews of timeshare owners, almost all Pro Bono. With an 82% Fraud […]
Victims of Timeshare Fraud: Many consumers have been victimized by timeshare scams, especially prevalent in the aftermarket. Whether you own […]