January 12

Beware: The Carefully Crafted Timeshare Sales Pitch

With families feeling the vacation itch, timeshare buying season is just around the corner. Resorts know the best way to entice prospective timeshare buyers into pulling the vacation ownership trigger is to catch them on holiday, when the effects of sun and sand have made everyone’s wallets a little looser. Offering incentives like free tours,.

January 5

This Year, Resolve to Fight Back Against Deceptive Timeshare Practices

A new year brings new resolutions. We enjoy the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh opportunity to be our best selves. Some people resolve to work harder, some to lose weight, some to quit bad habits. With all these positive choices, why not add cancel your unwanted timeshare to the list?.

December 12

The Blind Eye of Compassion in Timeshares

With the holidays upon us, the best in human compassion tends to shine through. People are more inclined to lend a helping hand and do what they can for others in need. It is a time of kindness, togetherness, gratitude, and empathy. A while back, we wrote about the role of human compassion in the.

November 18

The Timeshare Industry’s “Dirty Dozen” and The Tactics Used to Victimize Owners

Initially the timeshare sales contract was intended to be a document whereby a willing consumer could purchase time at a vacation resort for enjoyment and relaxation. As time passed, however, more and more consumers realized their purchased timeshares held little to no value and the associated fees far outweighed any of the supposed benefits of.

October 20

In The Midst of Changing Times, The Timeshare Lawsuit Pushes Back

The timeshare industry is changing. With the sudden flood of timeshare cancellation companies on the market, more and more unhappy timeshare owners are seeking ways to escape the financial burdens associated with vacation ownership. The rising dissatisfaction has led timeshare companies to revamp their industry. Not long ago, we wrote about the sudden resistance from.

August 5

Changes in the Timeshare Industry Mean New Dangers for Consumers

We’ve spent years warning consumers of the dangers of timeshare resale scams. Now, a new dangerous trend targeting desperate timeshare owners is on the rise. The timeshare industry is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise on the forefront of constant change and adaptation. Each timeshare purchase contract is a source of lifelong revenue for a resort, and is.

February 14

Does Compassion Exist in the Timeshare Industry?

We often hear of disgruntled timeshare owners with buyer’s remorse trying to cancel their timeshare, but what about those owners who enjoyed the benefits of timeshare ownership but whose circumstances have drastically changed? It is true that for many people, a timeshare can be an expensive burden that is impossible to sell, transfer, or even.

February 7

The Dangers of Upfront Fees in Timeshare Resales

A few months ago, three more timeshare resale fraudsters were sentenced for their role in a multimillion dollar timeshare scam. The three defendants: Jeffrey Sawyer, 53, of Mullica Hill, New Jersey; Vincent Giordano, 31, of Atlantic County, New Jersey; and Aimee Allen, 30, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; each plead guilty to one county of.

January 31

Can You Donate a Timeshare and Reap the Tax Benefits?

A few years ago, the idea of donating unwanted timeshares took the world by storm—offering victims of the timeshare trap an alternative to ever-escalating maintenance fees and liabilities. Donating an unwanted timeshare seemed like the perfect solution to escape the timeshare burden AND recoup a tax benefit at the same time. Unfortunately, what appeared too.

January 24

Weighing the Options: Selling Versus Cancelling a Timeshare

For those stuck in the timeshare trap, the question remains, is it better to sell a timeshare or cancel it? Owners succumb to the high pressure sales of resort presentations and purchase what they believe will be an investment. The truth is, however, that because of the high annual fees associated with vacation ownership, most.