Referral Clients of Lawyers & Nonprofits

Safety in numbers means that everyone is looking out for you!Your Lawyer or Non Profit took a cautious family approach, we like that!.

‘Safety in Numbers’ means that everyone is looking out for you!
Your Lawyer or Non Profit took a cautious family approach and  as Consumer Protection Attorneys, wetotally support that!

2018 Update:   

Consumer Alert: Beware of the following resorts you can get in… but may never get out without Litigation to bring the Fraud into an open light.

Anti-Consumer Entities for Timeshare Divestment

The Abrams Firm forms MultiParty, MultiState legal actions (Litigation) against the worst performers: Westgate, Bluegreen, Hilton, ResortCom/The Villa Group, amd Holiday Inn/Orange Lake/ Silverleaf.

As always, special thanks to the Lawyers, and other concerns that have referred Consumers for this assistance



Lawyers and organizations that know The Abrams Firm’s dedication to consumers have referred you for a matter related to a bank home loan or a timeshare. You remain the client of the lawyer who referred you for other purposes, but if engaged with the Abrams Firm for a bank home loan or timeshare-related representation, we will have a limited purpose agreement with a defined objective.

The banking and timeshare industries present formidable opponents that at times can be rather unforgiving and self-protective. Unfortunately, the impulse is to often seek “services” that are typically very expensive and can be highly dangerous to owners in a predicament. Predators have designed a plethora of scams and fraud-schemes where owners are deceitfully enticed by false promises, blatant misrepresentations and high-pressure sales tactics.

Your attorney recognized the value of precision-focused, industry-specific knowledge and exposure to deal with a maze of quirky rules, vacillating authority, and unpredictability — and an overall appreciation that finding a way out of a ‘Black Hole’ requires skilled navigation.

General Referral for Timeshare Owners

If you have a “general referral” (no specialized form) to the Abrams Firm, because of our structure we know it probably involves a timeshare divestment. The purpose of this referral is to provide a safe, secure and affordable solution to owners who need to get out of a timeshare. The information pertaining to timeshares and safe timeshare divestment on our website should provide you a better understanding, including the Legal Divestment and Timeshare Divestment pages.

Form W-1 Referrals for Banking Clients

If you have a “Referral Representation Request” (Form W-1_RRR.2002) from a WPIC consortium member lawyer or qualified organization, this does not always guarantee that there is attorney availability for the degree and complexity of the matters you face. However the request will be honored to ensure that you promptly receive a free consultation and referrals, even if availability is impacted. Please remember you do NOT become a Client unless and until there is a signed Abrams Firm Lawyer-Client Representation Agreement.

In matters where it is deemed appropriate by the Firm, and only upon your full consent, the Firm may seek placement to protect a greater Public Interest. The public interest issues raised may be preliminarily researched and investigated, and this is done independently and without charge. Where placement matches are found and consolidated through varied means, they are forwarded for appropriate remediation, enforcement, or class action litigation. The Abrams Firm devotes its effort to Public Interest concerns, and even though our intake capability for free legal services is fixed, our commitment to helping all persons referred by friends in the legal-advocacy community is great. We look forward to assisting you.

As is always the case with pro-bono referral requests from consortium members, there are never any retainers or fees that occur between client and the firm evaluating its potential participation and/or the actual provision of legal services. The fact that you qualify for this free help under need-based guidelines means you are a homeowner in extreme hardship — the one thing that you do not need is to pay more money out.


The firm cannot offer assistance for victims of predatory “Loan Mod” fraud services. Representation under our limited purpose agreement would involve specific lender compliance issues appropriate for negotiated settlement, cancellation (or similar resolution), or referral to another level. However, bank loan clients do NOT receive unspecified legal services, even if somehow related to your home loan.

Answering the Needs of Consumers identified by Consumer Protectorates from the FTC, Attorney General & Justice Departments

The contents of this website and the advocacy website (and all other websites linked herein or linked to, although involving the work product of Consumer Attorneys, nothing shall constitute legal representation nor any legal advisement and all such content is purely informational