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It’s a Jungle out there! You need a Safe & Secure options — like, No Upfront Fees in Timeshares!

Timeshare Consumer Protection Attorneys

Timeshare Consumers that are victimized by fraudulent and predatory sales practices, for over a decade have been able to find  Consumer Protection Attorneys to assist them in canceling a timeshare interest.  In recent years, the timeshare aftermarket  industry has been taken over by fraud and abuse, where scam outfits extract money for absolutely no services performed (pure thievery).

What is Consumer Protection Law?

State, federal and international law protects consumers against fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices (like this Firm which has a successful history putting forth Consumer Protection Act claims since 2001). Deceptive practices are commonplace in the greater Timeshare Industry, where they cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Consumer protection laws are enforced by Governmental Protectorates (administrative agencies like AGs and the FTC), and by individual Consumer Lawyers and Consumer Law Firms. And some lawyers who have filed these claims over many years have discovered remedial solutions to avoid the rigors of prolonged and costly litigation.

Who are Consumer Protection Attorneys?

As the Internet always has another “new” solution to the age-old problem of timeshare divestment, we caution consumers to beware of the HUGE fraud rate. If you pay money upfront, odds are you have lost your money and there is no solution. You may be a Victim of Consumer Injustice, however, your Fundamental Rights as a consumer can be regained through remedial action to get the resort to provide a fair release. See what Consumer Protection Attorneys at the federal level are doing to make their warning of timeshare aftermarket fraud clear to consumers, like Don’t List with unlicensed fraud outfits that are in business to extract Upfront Fees–see the FTC info-graphic below.

What Do Timeshare Consumer Lawyers Do?

Timeshare Consumer Lawyer may be used to investigate your case and determine its strengths and any weaknesses. They can provide their insight to you so you can make an educated, informed decision if you choose to proceed with one of the alternatives for divestment. Ultimately, most consumers want to end timeshare ownership in a clean and amicable fashion (a dignified mutual release), and that is precisely what The Abrams Firm does for many consumers.

 And if you need out yesterday…

Please just slow down enough to check with your hometown Attorney and follow the FTC Advice below, and be sure you are safe, because most owners have money stolen, so:  Be Safe —

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Consumer Protection Timeshare Sales Advice from the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has provided the following info-graphic in order to protect consumers from some of the evils present in the timeshare aftermarket industry. With shark infested waters, the predatory Con-Artists are after consumers’ money. In response to this alarming rate of fraud, the need for Consumer Protection Attorney advisement has been great at all levels. The FTC should be commended for the depth of work it accomplished with regard to keeping consumer safe from this treacherous sub-industry. The transparency and clarity of this consumer information, is at the heart of what we do in Consumer Protections:

Answering all the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

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