Divestment Track Record

In 2013-14, Timeshare Divestment is getting tougher for owners because of recent significant changes to: (1) industry structuring, (2) new government regulations, (3) intricate rule changes, and (4) known tolerances at certain resorts & vacation clubs.

We have always been selective to put forth credible cases that are deserving of good faith relief, and resorts have responded accordingly over the years (100% divestment track record through 2012). However, some matters in the span of the 2013 time-frame were not able to be divested.*

Although these matters are isolated and truly unfortunate—Everybody else, 96% of owners, got out securely, legally and permanently!

In the upcoming months we shall be providing hot-off-the-press news articles and consumer research concerning specific difficulties in timeshare divestment that owners face in mid-2014 and beyond.

The Abrams Firm has secured timeshare negotiated settlements for over 2100 Consumers. But in the old days, these were mostly all pro bono, multi-party settlements with hundreds of consumers in each matter. Now we come to these multi-million and billion-dollar resorts with one consumer’s case, and work 1-on-1 where we charge a fee, a highly competitive contingent flat rate (where you don’t have to pay a penny upfront, which should help you sleep at night!), to continue what is the best divestment track record in the world as far as we know (but please beware of fraud outfits that claim 100% records and offer “guarantees” where they likely won’t be in business to give you the promised refund).

The Abrams Firm is a small law firm that takes every matter it handles very seriously, and turns into a cause fighter for each individual case. We wish these obtuse exceptions could have been overcome and the 100% record could have gone forever, but this is a tough business, and we still know for most everybody, we are the best deal going!

We are the ones who put our money where our mouth is…  Performance-Based  Contingency Fees,  putting the burden on us to get you out FIRST, then we earn our pay!!

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* statistical records only include consumers who directly engaged The Abrams Firm or its service corp. for divestment service, where unsuccessful matters were limited to: one purchase through a third-party seller (not the resort); and a matter where the resort was determined to be defunct (consumer could not be relieved from their mortgage with a third-party lender); noting there are couple matters still under negotiations for final resolution due to unusual, untypical conditions. We could have, on a technicality, excluded the third party purchase, and the defunct resort/third party lender situation from our records, but they did sign up directly with us (law firm clients in these cases), and in the interest of complete consumer transparency, we are disclosing them in an open light.
EVERYBODY ELSE got out safely, securely and legally!

Please Note: Earlier in 2014, we have determined because of mixed results, that we shall no longer be accepting matters from any third party companies, so the only way to get us is to sign up directly with us.

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including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

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