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Negotiated Settlements will cancel a Timeshare Contract, or Sell a Timeshare back to the resort

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Court Judgements rule unlawful contracts as Void with damages, even Punitive Damages

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With inflation on the rise, we are seeing a worrying number of articles written to give the impression that timeshares are a “hedge over” or “beating” inflation. This is categorically not true. The basis of their argument is that with rising prices of hotel rooms, timeshare […]
Every prospective owner should always be aware of what kind of timeshare they are being sold. Contract prices and terms can be totally different for two buyers, even though they purchased at the same resort, on the same day. But one common feature is that what […]
As discussed in the previous article, “Booking Companies: How Neutral Are They?”, RCI and Interval International, work as an extension of the resorts. The parent corporation, Wyndham in RCI’s case (or Marriott Vacations Worldwide, for Interval International), directs new owners towards the seemingly third-party Booking Company […]