FTC Warning on Upfront Fees to Cancel a Timeshare

The FTC’s Advice is to be cautious who you pay an Upfront Fee to get out of a Timeshare

In Timeshares… an Upfront Fee from a non-lawyer without any rules of professional conduct is a huge RED FLAG and this includes:

> a lawyer hiding behind a service where YOU NEVER ACTUALLY TALK TO THE LAWYER (or at least not an impostor lawyer)

> companies where you only talk to salespeople and telemarketers… even if they call themselves “case workers” or “paralegals”


The FTC filed nailed 191 timeshare aftermarket companies charging Upfront Fees for essentially doing nothing but collecting the fees. Our Law Firm has outstanding credentials, and we recommend you verify us even before you spend any money to cancel a timeshare:

> the first sentence on our homepage has a Bar Association verification link to verify the phone number and website with the Bar Association

> and you can also verify that there are no bar association disciplinary sanctions since 2001, despite helping thousands of timeshare owners

> The Abrams Firm provides consumers, who may become our clients, all the information in an open light to make a well-informed decision

> we even transparently list our flat rate prices–openly disclosed at the top of the homepage as a matter of informed consent (no sales here!)



Payment Plan CAUTION: when exit companies have contracts give them more time than the payment plan, it is an upfront fee.

Escrow CAUTION: when there is an “escrow” who controls it? If you were not allowed to select and open an escrow with a nationally recognized escrow company, the it is an upfront fee.

A “Guarantee” means nothing if a contract tricks you or they won’t return your call… they cashed-in your money long ago and they don’t plan on ever refunding the money.

Consumer Protection Attorneys provide Legal Representation,
not false promises…

Only Trust Licensed Lawyers to get a Billion-Dollar resort to
Cancel a Timeshare Contract


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