No Upfront Fees to Cancel a Timeshare

The FTC’s Advice: avoid Upfront Fees to get out of a Timeshare

In Timeshares… an Upfront Fee is a huge RED FLAG. The FTC filed nailed 191 timeshare aftermarket companies with Upfront Fees. Our Law Firm has outstanding credentials, but we still have absolutely no form of Upfront Fee to cancel a timeshare.


Payment Plan CAUTION: when contracts give more time than the payment plan, it is an upfront fee.

Escrow CAUTION: when there is an “escrow” who is in charge? If you were not allowed to select and open an escrow with a nationally recognized escrow company, then it is an upfront fee.

A “Guarantee” means nothing if a contract tricks you or they won’t return your call… they cashed-in your money long ago and they don’t plan on ever refunding the money.

Consumer Protection Attorneys provide Legal Representation to get Billion-Dollar resorts to Cancel a Timeshare Contract — We bear the risk of another successful transaction!

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See our “Latest News” in our blog research articles warning timeshare owners they should not pay upfront fees for cancelling timeshare contracts as published in Google News, USA Today and the Detroit Free Press.



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