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The Abrams Firm is a recognized leader in Consumer Protections since 2001
Known as an innovator in consumer services with consumer-friendly flat fees
(please see Consumer Protections History below).

Consumer Protections and Consumer Deceit Law Claims
Consumer Protection Act, Fraud & RICO claims -and- Class Action preps

Contract Law and Fundamental Rights Constitutional Claims
Consumer contract disputes and statutory analysis

Timeshare Ownership Divestment
Front-Line Consumer Protections / rapid response resolutions

The Abrams Firm originated as a litigation firm with a public interest concern. The Firm developed a reputation for excellence in litigation, class action referrals, and forms of alternative relief (ADR venues). The firm became known as a loyal consumer protection advocate fighting for people’s fundamental rights, including 1,700 pro bono clients for timeshare divestment, and all of them got out of their timeshares!

The Abrams Firm uncovered banking abuses from 2006 to 2009, culminating in the filing of a burgeoning class action with Consumer Protection Act claims, and associated with counsel to expose alleged fraud and RICO Act violations (involving foreign nationals organized crime). The bank was closed (the 33rd in 2009), and the FDIC saved the day!

Front-line consumer protections are proactive. When highly skilled attorneys had trouble nailing fraud services in the timeshare aftermarket industry in 2004, the imperative was for a direct solution to divest timeshare ownership safely before consumers could become victims.

After over years in Pro Bono clients relief work with timeshare owners, the firm sought to preempt fraud abuse in this troubled sub-industry with low flat fee options. Our Advocacy site was founded even before our public website for the Firm.  In the early years, referrals were coming from Attorneys with clients in need, to Regulators [employees, friends, family], to people we got out that were pleased–and in those early years ALL the law firm clients got out (100% in prior to publishing and the first 4 years of the Published Divestment Record). That meant, we eventually needed new owners, so the Firm reached out to the public in 2012 with this website.

Our Law Firm has received referrals involving a lot of Intelligent Timeshare Survivors!
We have been sought by and got out
MI, Special Ops, ATF, DOJ employees, even a United States Congressman
and those associated with other Agencies like Attorney General Offices, from employees to friends and family

As a prolific negotiator the Firm has struck multiparty negotiated settlement agreements and compliance agreements with m/million & billion dollar resorts on behalf of small groups, to several hundred, to over 500 clients consolidated in actions against mega-resorts. And now, Mr. Abrams assists individual consumers with the same commitment to succeed.  The Firm has assisted thousands consumers who wanted out of their timeshares and desired a secure, safe and successful solution.


Answering all the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates,
including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

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