It was just a matter of time. Major resorts like Diamond, Wyndham and Westgate are fighting back to put the […]
The timeshare exit scam is getting more and more sophisticated.  The most recent ploy is to convince the timeshare owner […]
Warning published in Google News – USA Today – Yahoo Finance – Detroit Free Press – June 2019 Google News, USA […]
You’ve just signed up for a timeshare or had one for years and now decide you want to get out […]
“Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates” and “Reed Hein” “The Timeshare Exit Team”  A federal judge in Florida recently ruled against […]
For years, we’ve warned about scam artists who target the timeshare resale market. Owners who no longer want their timeshares […]
Next on our list of the Timeshare Industry’s Worst Divestment Performers and a member of “The Dirty Dozen,” is the […]
With so much negative publicity on timeshare resorts and the hype surrounding certain resorts that refuse to negotiate or cancel […]
It’s tax season again and the time of year that many disgruntled timeshare owners begin to wonder about donating their […]
We all hope to avoid becoming the target of fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation. Thanks to recent consumer protection regulations, many […]