Timeshare Lawyer to Cancel a Contract

Consumer Protection Attorney holds the Best Known, Published Track Record in the Timeshare Divestment Industry

Timeshare Lawyer cancels timeshare contracts – 4 consecutive 100% years and 99.2% over 5 yrs *

* past performance should not be relied upon to predict the future

As a Timeshare Lawyer, people always ask me, What does a Timeshare Lawyer do?

Well, some timeshare lawyers work for the resorts… and others like The Abrams Firm and its Consumer Lawyers, have never worked for the resorts. We are purely Consumer Protection Attorneys, and that means we are fighting for the little guys (and gals) to get out of multi-million and billion-dollar resorts.

It’s close to a David & Goliath thing, where people really need a way to plug into powerful legal resources to succeed, however, for most people can’t afford their own legal team to go up against a formidable multi-million or billion dollar resort. That is what the Aftermarket Scammers count on (they all charge huge upfront fees, even if they call it an “Escrow” or a payment plan that’s paid in full before you get out). The Abrams Firm has is where licensed Lawyers assist ordinary people with a consumer-friendly flat fee. Our competitive fees may be less than most (and way cheaper then what a fraud-service will cost you in the end hen you pay, but don’t get out). And, Timeshare Divestment consumers are not bound to the hourly rates of the law firm ($350-$650/hr.).

As a result, you can have a Consumer Lawyer handle your case, exclusively, while just paying a low rate. Legal Knowledge is the main thing, like a Timeshare Lawyer who knows how to handle the legal hurdles holding you back. So if you have a timeshare mortgage, a Lawyer is the one familiar with these instruments, associated obligations and the appropriate methods for divestment:

Paid-in-Full Timeshares and Mortgaged Timeshares

Canceling a Timeshare or Litigating for Damages:

Some owners have a “fully paid timeshare” (whether it’s deeded or points), while others have a “mortgaged timeshare” and this process of canceling a mortgage can be a difficult task (despite con-artists who make big promises [lies] and phony guarantees). A con artist may try to convince you to do a timeshare transfer, sales listings or other methods to get out of a timeshare. In the real world, your Lawyers must persuade the resort or vacation club to let you out and have the legal tools at their disposal if the resort resists. Tricks will not forgive the owner’s financial obligations, and may even embroil owners in a fraudulent transaction causing more liability.

End all Payment Obligations – Mortgages and Fees – Cancel your Timeshare Contract, Safely, Securely and Legally

Many “timeshare relief” companies, so called “timeshare exit” companies, will charge excessive fees based on the amount of the “timeshare lien” (i.e.“Timeshare Note”), which just takes more of money from people that can’t afford to pay right now. But worse still, “timeshare exit companies” usually don’t ever get the owners out – thanks Google News, USA Today, Yahoo and Detroit Free Press:


Charging excessive fees ($10,000-$20,000 on high balance mortgages) is simply using up money that the resort sees as their money, so now the major resorts sue these fraud companies. Thanks Google News and Yahoo, here is just one of many 2019 examples of Timeshare Fraud by an exit company and unfortunately an attorney who lost his moral compass:


Many of the consumers the Firm sees have already stopped their payments long ago, and they can’t even afford their timeshare mortgage payment to begin with. These people may be ideal candidates for timeshare mortgage relief, but the key is who you would seek to hire and do they have highly effective case assembly and development by a respected Consumer Law firm, and ultimately, are the negotiated settlement conferences conducted by a prolific Consumer Advocate and Consumer Protection Attorney who lives for Consumer Justice!