The Timeshare Law Firm is a National Law Firm based in Melbourne Beach, Florida, on the Atlantic Coast just east of Orlando—where there are more timeshare resort headquarters than anywhere else in the world.

One place you can sue a resort for sure is their Corporate HQ, and in some cases there are favorable laws in the specific jurisdiction where you purchased the timeshare. We have Branch Offices strategically located in Las Vegas NV, (enhanced damages), and Gatlinburg TN ($500,000 Punative Damages) for a good reason, along with other favorable jurisdictions such as Missouri (Branson), Hawaii, and network attorneys and litigators in California, Arizona, Texas with satellite attorneys in most every timeshare jurisdiction throughout the US and international timeshares that we sue in US Federal courts.

We pursue settlements and litigation for a low, flat rate, and have a long-standing history in Consumer Protection Law, working to get consumers released from their timeshare contracts since 2004. We articulate and draft the proper legal memorandum for your case, and push the resort for a settlement within 30 days. If the resort does not cooperate, we instead move to litigation, forcing them to answer your Complaint in a Court of Law.

Our licensed attorneys understand that our clients are victims of sophisticated scams, and as such, require direct representation and 1-on-1 interactivity with our lawyers that can advise upon Timeshare Laws specific to your case, making your case a larger-than-life against a resort giant.

Here is an example of one of our litigations against Wyndham, the largest Timeshare conglomerate in the world, showing that “owners” ended up paying hundreds of percent or more than the public online:

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