Timeshare Scams – Upfront Fees*

*Don’t Pay Upfront Fees to Sell (or Cancel) a Timeshare

Timeshare Scams range from listing companies (also discussed in prior sections), to bogus charities (what charity would want a debt instrument?), to a host of claimed methods to get people out of timeshares. Some of these methods are very sketchy like Donating a Timeshare… that really ends up being that you pay $3500-$5000 to “donate” a timeshare?? Then they say the IRS will give you a tax break for this bogus charity–a tax break for the value?? When you pay thousands to get rid of something, is was not worth anything… so what is the loss?  Maybe the only loss is for ripped-off consumers and the IRS, prompting the question: Is this IRS Tax Fraud? And it get’s worse, because some of these scam companies don’t even exist–so no one ever gets a refund because in some cases the entire company may be entirely fabricated and never get anyone out of a timeshare. So whether by incompetence or fraudulent design, the result is still the same:

Timeshare Sales Fraud – Timeshare Transfers Scams

In some cases, transfer ‘services’ have never even transferred one timeshare and the entire business model is about extracting your money. While in other cases, the companies are simply clueless and haphazardly gamble that they will get a few “transferred”, but will leave the rest of the consumers stuck with their timeshare. One common feature is they almost always deny any refunds—don’t believe promises or if the say their ‘service’ is “guaranteed”, because if they were legitimate they wouldn’t take $3500-$5000 or more of your hard-earned money upfront, but rather they would simply wait for the big bucks after they have fully performed a legal transfer (without consumer deception and ultimately with the resort’s cooperation & signature).

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