Timeshare Scams – Upfront Fees*

Attorney General, Department of Justice, the FTC and FBI:  CONSUMER ALERT*
No upfront fee, before exit companies cancel a timeshare

In 2019, Timeshare Scams from “Exit Companies” claim they will cancel a timeshare, but owners do NOT get out. Guarantees are useless when Exit Companies already have your money and you paid $3000-$5000 (or with a high balance mortgage $10,000 to $20,000) to get out of a timeshare. The latest spin on the Upfront Fee is where the exit company claims they do not charge an Upfront Fee because:

(1) The exit company has a payment plan–that you fully pay-off BEFORE they get you out… meaning it is an Upfront Fee!
(2) “Escrow” companies hold the money–but it is not a nationally recognized escrow company. Exit companies control the “escrow” and can cash-out the escrow account before the owner gets out (which may never happen)… meaning it is an Upfront Fee!

This fraudulent design means that timeshare owners pay, BUT

Timeshare Cancellation Fraud – Timeshare Escrow Scams

In some cases, the exit company’s  entire business model is about extracting your money. While other companies may haphazardly gamble that they could possibly get a few people out. But these exit companies always make big promises like ‘we get everybody out‘ — but remember the timeshare salesmen made big promises that weren’t true to get you to buy — and most of these exit companies are owned by former timeshare salesmen. One common feature is they almost always deny refunds.

Don’t believe promises like: (1) don’t worry, you can stop paying now, we will clean up your credit later, and/or (2) we will get your money backbecause these are false promises that are made so you will think you will have extra money and then you can pay the exit company now.

And, don’t believe the exit company when the say their performance is “guaranteed”, because if they were legitimate, licensed Attorneys that represent you in a Lawyer-Client Representation Agreement they wouldn’t take thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money, upfront, whether or not they ever get anybody out. Our duty at The Abrams Firm is to get the resort to cancel your timeshare first, so our duty as your Lawyer is to fully performed first, and after that is when we get paid.

That’s what you expect; that’s what you deserve and in timeshares, that’s what you should demand!


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