Law Firm Clients

Clients retain Legal Services of THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM from the initial service of the law firm’s Notice of Representation and Initial Demand, until the final resolution of your case.

Upon retainer, you are a Client of a prestigious and highly effective timeshare Consumer Protection Law Firm. Testimony, case development and court legal action—every bit of your case is done with legal competence specifically in Timeshare Law performed by Licensed Attorneys at every step of the way [NO salespeople!].

Licensed Attorneys have duties of competency, loyalty, honesty and upholding your legal rights against the rest of the world, making your case larger-than-life against a billion-dollar corporation.

Unlike fraud aftermarket Con-Artists claiming to get you out of your timeshare [but failing], even if you have a $100,000 mortgage (costing $20,000 or more at fraud companies), the flat rate charged at THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM is still only $5000 with [$1,000 down] easy payment plans

Only trust Lawyers directly working with you 1-on-1
as part of an effective Legal Team—Nationwide

The ability to sue the resort for Consumer Justice in the form of damages, is the only reason a resort may be worried enough to release you. Resorts do not fear Non-lawyers!

So when you hear that former timeshare salesperson on the Radio or on the TV saying that they will cancel your timeshare contract…

  • TIP: They’re committing a Crime right there, often a Felony, for an Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)

(1) Non-lawyer salesmen cannot advise you on legal contracts without a Law License . Criminal UPL violation in most states .

(2) Non-lawyer salesmen cannot argue a legal case on behalf of a client, which is also a Criminal UPL violation in most states .

(3) And very importantly, non-lawyers cannot sue the resort to force compliance in a Court of Law (or encourage prior settlement). Criminal UPL violation in most states .

Don’t believe Salespeople, verify that you have a licensed Lawyer on the phone with you… make sure you have a Real Lawyer (it’s easy):

  • TIP: To be safe, hang up and call the claimed “Lawyer” on the phone number that is listed
    on the State Bar Association’s website.

This will ensure that you have all the client protections of a real lawyer.

Whether it’s supposedly how to sell a timeshare or claims of getting you out of an unwanted timeshare by means of a timeshare contract cancellation, or a timeshare contract termination – with non-lawyers this all constitutes an Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL that is often a Felony).

These Con-Artists scams (typically done by former Timeshare Salesmen/women) have victimized countless thousands of consumers, see the FBI, Department of Justice along with AG and local law enforcement in a Sting that was spearheaded by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to bust 191 companies and the timeshare fraud Con-Artists, and recover millions for consumers .

Don’t believe unlicensed salespeople claiming to be a licensed Broker or Real Estate Agent, and verify their license status (it’s easy).

  • TIP: claims of Selling a Timeshare are often false, when the same timeshares (and paid in full timeshares) are NOT selling for $1.00 on Ebay.

And worse still, the claimed title of a Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Sales Agent, are often bogus titles use by unlicensed Con-Artists. You can check the authentication of the claimed License and call that real-life Real Estate Licensee … if they exist.

ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) is an organization that was founded in 1930 by Real Estate Brokers to confirm or deny claimed real estate agents or brokers, who were operating unlawfully as Con-Artists without a real estate license. Here is more about their roots as consumer protectorates for verified real estate licensure.

Rapid Timeshare settlements, costing $0.00 net cost, can occur, or the resort knows 
we shall file the lawsuit.

Aftermarket Victims pay $5,000 to $30,000 for what is typically Con-Artist [a former timeshare salesman/woman] who do not do the one thing that the Resort’s fear: File a lawsuit!

These are con-artists/salespeople. Only licensed attorneys can provide you with Direct Lawyer-Client legal representation, including filing your lawsuit, and from Day 1, provide a Notice of Legal Representation to the resort, seek settlement, and if not, prosecute your case through the final judgment.

Anything short of direct Lawyer-Client representation is ineffective if the resort simply refuses to cooperate. But when a resort is sued, they must respond or lose the case by default. As your timeshare litigation law firm, we sue the Tortfeasor (the Defendant Resort) that committed statutory violations of law designed to protect and warn potential timeshare purchasers, and the law says that they must pay damages, sometimes enhanced or punitive damages and attorney fees. The preceding laws are what the resorts fear the most because they are designed for Consumer Justice!

We invert the dynamic where if the resort delays, it costs them more money, and they love to delay, so the fear of major litigation losses and all the bad publicity of losing a lawsuit is huge in their minds. One retainer and you are done – all costs and any attorney fees through final resolution are covered by the retainer and any excessive ligation costs or fees are subsidized by the law firm. The resort either lets you out and pays $5,000, or we file. If they delay even a little it will cost them.

The rules of Litigation Engagement are fixed and harsh on the resort, as they must be in order to maximize your odds of settlement compliance. If there is no other choice to end the lawsuit, the fixed rule will Drive the desirability of a clean release along with any credit enhancements, if they have reported to you credit.