Timeshare Complaints

You can go to TCPAA.org to lodge your Whistle Blower complaint if an aftermarket bandit stole your money. This can help others who could also become victims. Here is why you complain… you lost your money on a timeshare aftermarket scam. You can complain, and you should (the FBI, the DOJ and the FTC are all great resources). And to be safe, you can identify and avoid the most obvious scams that say they can get you money for a resale [that never happens]. Here is the dilemma:

Timeshare Sales – All types of Timeshares and Upfront Fees

Owners are just looking for a safe and secure method to: get out of a timeshare. For starters, most outfits that claim to know how to Sell a Timeshare, are usually only really good at making false promises in order to get your credit card number (the whole end-game). Listing your timeshare to make many thousands of dollars after the “sale” sounds really great… BUT:

Two Problems:

(1) they may be a fraud just stealing money, or

(2) they may be a “front” essentially working for the timeshare industry

Here are some example of big hitters claimed to have been selling timeshares: “Century 21, RE/MAX, GMAC“

Search their name(s) in this linked article, and then you make up your own mind (Knowledge is Power):


Have major real estate companies morphed into timeshare “sales” to get owners to list timeshares even if they don’t readily sell, just to make money?

And if it probably will never sell…

Owners keep paying the resort, forever, or at least until your Statute of Limitations to Sue for Sales Fraud is over (often 3 years) so you are barred from bring a lawsuit.

You be the Judge! And, our Law Firm can often help, because of this deceit (and other surreptitious lies or concealment) a 3 year Statute of Limitations can extend.

But, it often doesn’t matter whether you have a Hawaii timeshare like Shell Vacations or a Mexican timeshare like Grupo Mayan (now Viadanta), or an Orlando timeshare or a Las Vegas timeshare, or even a name brand timeshare like Marriott timeshares, Hyatt timeshares, Wyndham timeshares, Hilton timeshares, Diamond timeshares, or a vacation club timeshare, even smaller timeshares, like Pueblo Bonito in Mexico and Vacation Internationale from Washington (not to be confused with Vacation Resorts International, VRI, but it’s pretty much the same deal there), because if a listing company or brand name real estate company asks for your money upfront to list a timeshare at a listing price of many thousands that is not selling on eBay for $1.00 – could be a very huge RED FLAG!

In the end you may find it far more effective to hire a skilled Timeshare Divestment Negotiator, like a Timeshare Attorney with a sterling track record, who can deliver the Divestment Objective.

Or, if you have had enough, you may want to sue the resort to get your money back and teach the resort a lesson by suing for punitive damages.