Timeshare laws are state specific, so in every state your rights regarding your timeshare, or your purchase of one will vary greatly. Some states like Florida, Nevada, South Carolina, and California see a lot of timeshare usage and thus have more extensive timeshare laws. While other states like Michigan, Missouri and Wyoming do not have many timeshare specific rules and instead refer to real property, condominium, contract, or consumer protection law.

Your rights are important. The first step to knowing your rights regarding a timeshare is to know where the law is built to protect you. Depending on where your state has its timeshare statute you can get a glimpse of the rights that may protect you (that your resort may not be telling you). This state list is designed to give you just a snapshot of how your state deals with timeshare law. It will generally have three things, 1). where the statute is in your state (if your state has one) 2). something unique or outstanding about your states rights, and 3). the time to rescind your contract. Knowing where to look is only the first step though.

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Disclaimer: These summaries of law are intended only to serve as an information source for consumers. Statutes and laws are subject to constant change and the information listed above may not represent the most recent, or complete information. This does not constitute legal advice and a lawyer should always be contacted to provide you an analysis of your case. If you would like to have your case reviewed, please call us at (360)918-8196 for a free consultation.