Founder: John Abrams

“Mr. Abrams has the intelligence, judgment, and character essential for the practice of law.”

-David Frohnmayer: Oregon Attorney  General, UofO Law School Dean, UofO President

“I would have the greatest confidence in having him adjudicate our contested disputes.”

-The Honorable Jan Grant: Co-Chief OAH, Olympia and  Senior Judge OAH, Seattle

“Mr. Abrams measures a perfect 10 on my scale of human concern and decency.”

-Dr. James Klonoski: Emeritus Professor (married to a U.S. Federal Judge)


The Firm

The Abrams Firm has been a leader in Consumer Protection Law advocacy since 2001, and in 2004, the law firm became exclusively involved in Timeshare Law, known as  The Timeshare Law Firm with a sterling published record of timeshare divestment and consumer-friendly charges (low flat rates) for access to powerful legal resources to confront billion-dollar resorts.



Consumer Protection Law, Settlements, Litigation and Class Actions

Timeshare Ownership Divestment

Front-Line Consumer Protections / rapid response resolutions. Originated as a litigation firm with a public interest concern, the Firm developed a reputation for excellence in litigation as a loyal consumer protection advocate fighting for people’s fundamental rights, including 1,732 pro bono clients for timeshare divestment, and all of them got out of their timeshares!

The Timeshare aftermarket industry Con-Artists in 2004…
made the imperative for Lawyer solutions to divest timeshare ownership safely before consumers became victims again.

After years in Pro Bono clients relief work with timeshare owners, the firm sought to preempt fraud abuse in this troubled sub-industry with low flat fee options. Our Advocacy site was founded even before our public website for the Firm. In the early years, referrals were coming from Attorneys with clients in need, to Regulators [employees, friends, family], to people we got out that were pleased–and in those early years ALL the law firm clients got out (100% in prior to publishing and the first 4 years of the Published Divestment Record). That meant, we eventually needed new owners, so the Firm reached out to the public in 2012 with a website.

Our Law Firm has received referrals involving a lot of Intelligent Timeshare Survivors! We have been sought by and got out countless Lawyers for their Clients (and sometimes the Lawyers themselves) Military Intelligence, Special Ops, ATF, Attorney General and Department of Justice– from employees to friends and family–even a United States Congressman.

As a prolific negotiator the Firm has struck multiparty negotiated settlement agreements with multimillion & billion dollar resorts on behalf of hundreds of Clients against mega-resorts. And now, the Firm directly assists individual consumers with the same commitment to succeed. The Firm has assisted thousands consumers who wanted out of their timeshares and desired a secure, safe and successful solution.



Juris Doctorate, 4 Clinical Service Practices, Seattle University School of Law

  • Judicial Externship

Bachelors of Science, cum laude, high honors, University of Oregon



Washington State Bar Association:

  • — License No. 31068
  • In good standing, no bar disciplinary sanctions
  • Former drafter for WSBA Special Disciplinary Counsel



A lifetime mentorship of the Firm’s founder began early as the son of a public interest trial lawyer, Sol. A. Abrams, whose constitutional law precedents include the case that established the fourth amendment bedrock law of The Fruits of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine, and was portrayed by Christian Slater in the Hollywood movie Murder in the First  (Warner Bros. 1995, starring Christian Slater and Kevin Bacon).

The Abrams Firm became well known as an undefeated trial firm in the area of consumer protection and was briefly mentored by famed lawyer Gerry Spence, who was memorable as CNN’s major legal analyst for the OJ Simpson trial (the one in the buckskin jacket with silvery hair). Applying these gems of wisdom The Abrams Firm to pro-consumer victories.

A consumer protection attorney tradition of fighting for people’s FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS!