Timeshare Help

Consumer Protection Attorneys with timeshare knowledge and experience can save you from the Shark Infested Waters of the aftermarket. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Consumer Lawyer for an accurate evaluation of your case. If you were deceived, you deserve to be relieved of all the obligations owed to the resort.

Timeshare Sales – Safe and Legal Timeshare Divestment

Don’t believe false promises of having insider deals with billion-dollar and hundred-million dollar resorts, but instead make them prove it. Regulation from our government agencies like Attorney Generals, the FTC, etc. can help consumers be safe, but there is so much fraud and abuse that there is only so much they can humanly do.

The surest sign that you are being lied to is when timeshare aftermarket companies make a Guarantee based upon say-anything promises that are designed to make you feel good enough to open your wallet [remember a “Money Back Guarantee” is just 1 more lie to a scam artist].

They may say say they will clean your credit up… but they are not Lawyers who commit to a credit litigation plan as part of their contract — We are Lawyers and we do commit to exactly that in our Client-Attorney Representation Agreement.

Exit Companies or other shady outfits may have some vague lawyers they talk about, but you will NEVER talk to (except possibly impostor-attorneys). And they may claim will get all your money back… ANYTHING to support you forking over thousands of dollars.

These are usually companies that are owned and/or staffed by Former Timeshare Salesmen — Don’t get fooled again — You have learned and now you are becoming an Empowered Consumer, where you are savvy to timeshare Con Artists. So now you will uncover the Fraud-Scam, and report it to regulators like the FTC and the DOJ and to law enforcement like the FBI. Definitely report it, far and wide to help future consumers.

The Abrams Firm is a real Law Firm with real licensed Attorneys, including Trial Lawyers.

Only Licensed Lawyers can defend claims and SUE Resorts — for a fee — or included in their contract — free of charge and to sue for Punitive Damages also can’t be done by being a former timeshare salesman as your qualification. They can [lie] promise you anything, but they can’t do any of this unless their contract with you has a licensed attorney involved who is committing to get involved on your behalf in a Litigation.

For aftermarket scam avoidance and to view resort-specific Complaints and Alerts, go to TCPAA.org that is a Consumer Interest Organization and Advocacy Website provided by The Abrams Firm to assist consumers in troubling times.