How to Get out of my Timeshare

People always ask: How do I get out of my timeshare?

Well before that, the first question to you is: What do you own?

Timeshare Sales – Timeshare Points, Timeshare Vacation Clubs

Today, many people own a “Vacation Club” or a point system “timeshare interest”. These “Timeshare Points” come in many forms, like “RCI points” or “Interval International points”. Owners of timeshare points may need to cancel a timeshare contract that no longer suits their needs, so it is vital we know what kind of timeshare interest they own. Do we have a Deed to do deed-work upon in order to transfer the title legally, or do we have points or some form of vacation club… or a hybrid of ownership types?

It can be confusing when all you want to do is somehow sell your timeshare or give your timeshare back to the resort or club.

There are few legitimate exceptions to listings and transfers, the key is to obtain a “legal” cancellation or termination of the timeshare points. Similar to a timeshare divestment by a Deed, in order to get out, you must legally cancel a timeshare contract to end timeshare all ownership and financial obligations owed for the resort points or vacation club points.

Once we know a few answers to some key questions, the timeshare divestment picture will more clear.

Consumer Protection Attorneys with timeshare-specific knowledge is precisely why savvy, soon-to-be Timeshare Survivors decide to hire us. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Consumer Lawyer for an accurate evaluation of your case and to discuss obligations to be relieved and determine a plan of action.