Our Consumer Protection Lawyers

We are owned, operated and staffed exclusively by consumer lawyers who perform all services directly to timeshare owners. There are no “800#s” or “888#s” or PCCs (postcard companies) or any sort of sales reps hiding out as unlicensed paralegals, etc… There are just purely Consumer Protection Attorneys with many years of combined experience in consumer law that is precision focused on timeshare divestment.

When it comes to Attorney Credentials of the actual people you talk to and who will handle every aspect of your case, we know of no other comparable timeshare service in the world that is so heavily immersed with consumer protection attorneys in direct provision of services at a highly competitive flat rate.

The Abrams firm has always been an innovator in consumer friendly fee structures and securing results for consumers on meager budgets. The pinnacle of this public interest mission was the Nexus of the highly troubled timeshare industry -and- consumer protections.

So we hope you didn’t want predatory sales reps pressuring you, or becoming a mere cog in the machinery of an uncaring company where calls are never returned. Or worse still, run the risk of the alarmingly high risks gambit timeshare fraud schemes or other timeshare scams that will make you lose your money–all of which will not divest your timeshare.

Or, you could go for the safety and security of knowing your timeshare divestment is cancelling timeshare ownership legally, and being handled exclusively by highly skilled and precision focused consumer protection attorneys with vast expertise in timeshares. All of this competence and reliability… and the best part is, our rates are more cost-efficient then even questionably legitimate competitors in the aftermarket industry.

There are many others that constitute the rest… But why not make 1 Good Decision here and go with the best — then relax knowing your timeshare divestment is being handled professionally.

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