We are owned, operated and staffed exclusively by consumer protection lawyers who advise Timeshare owners. There are no “800#s” nor timeshare salesmen posing as legal experts, just licensed Attorneys with decades of experience in consumer law. We are precision-focused on timeshare law and assist our clients through settlement or litigation with the resorts. 

We know of no other comparable timeshare divestment service in the world that is as heavily immersed with advisement and presentation from Licensed attorneys.

Since 2004, the we’ve been known as an innovator in consumer-friendly fee structures, securing results for consumers through a simple flat rate. Our mission is to help our clients fight back against the Timeshare Industry, 

We understand that Timeshare Cancelation is a field often just as risky as the Timeshare Industry itself, with faulty leads, high-stakes pressure by sales representatives, and an endless cycle of calls that are never returned. Every consumer that seeks help runs the risk of instead speaking to fraud outfits and other scams that can cost you, yet still not divest of your timeshare.

The Timeshare Law Firm however, takes the legal route, and you can rest assured that you will have a strong, legal case against your resort. Divestment is handled exclusively by a team of experienced and highly skilled Licensed attorneys, all through a simple flat rate—no deception and hidden fees. 

Make the good decision to hire a legal team on your behalf, and relax knowing your Timeshare divestment is being handled legitimately and professionally.  

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