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Timeshare Divestment: Settlements, Cancelation, Termination and Timeshare Owner Lawsuits

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Negotiated Settlements will cancel a Timeshare Contract, or Sell a Timeshare back to the resort

Resorts use complicated terminology to trick and confuse you. The knowledge base will educate you and increase your knowledge around timeshares. Just click on “Your Timeshare Knowledge Base” to start your education!

Court Judgements rule unlawful contracts as Void with damages, even Punitive Damages

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The timeshare industry has long been known for its aggressive sales tactics and outdated model. Despite this reputation, a recent report claims that the average age of today’s timeshare owner is a surprising 39 years old. But is this really a sign of a rejuvenated industry, […]
Group forums are a great way for you to connect with others of similar interests. Sadly, when looking at the current offerings of other group forums, we have seen several bad actors who join or start groups with the goal of making money, whether or not […]
The FTC has released a video urging the public to report scams if they have been a victim. The video breaks down how the FTC works, How they stop scammers, And why Your input is so important. The FTC is network of different information from different […]