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Owning a timeshare can be an exciting idea, offering the promise of a vacation without the full-time commitment. However, timeshares come with their own set of financial responsibilities, one of which is the often-misunderstood maintenance fees. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of […]
Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) has announced its intent to acquire Bluegreen Vacations (BVH) in a $1.5 billion deal. The acquisition, aimed at attracting younger clientele and expanding the timeshare offerings of Hilton Grand Vacations, comes at a time when the industry faces challenges amid high inflation […]
In a move to protect consumers from fraudulent timeshare Exit Companies, the Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated legal proceedings against a Branson-based company and its two owners. The company in question, RSI, LLC, sometimes operating under the name Relief Solutions International, is facing allegations […]
Introduction Imagine the promise of vacation perfection – a timeshare. Yet, as the glittering façade fades, you find yourself ensnared in a web of hidden fees, contractual complexities, and mounting frustrations. Escaping this labyrinth of financial obligations is possible, however; you must do so RIGHT AWAY, […]
Elder fraud continues to be a growing concern, with increasing numbers of elderly individuals falling victim to scams and losing substantial sums of money. The FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office has taken notice of this alarming trend and is committed to raising public awareness about elder […]
Introduction: Radio host Dave Ramsey finds himself embroiled in a high-profile legal battle as he faces a $150 million lawsuit filed by 17 listeners who claim they were defrauded through his promotion of a timeshare exit company. The lawsuit alleges that Ramsey played a role in […]
Many “Timeshare Exit Experts” write guides on how to get out of timeshares. Usually, these guides are full of free advice and methods that are known and intended to not work (or can even hurt you legally) in hopes that you will just submit to their […]
It’s tax season again and the time of year that many disgruntled timeshare owners begin to wonder about donating their unwanted timeshares. Several years ago, a few different organizations started investigating the donation process and uncovered many hidden costs associated with timeshare “donations,” in additional to […]
The Timeshare Law Firm has secured lawful Timeshare Divestments for over 9000 consumers. However, Victims of the Con-Artists faced an 82% Fraud Rate in the aftermarket industry. Consumers seeking a legal timeshare divestment were faced with a daunting task, and we have yet to find a legitimate resale […]
Most Timeshare Companies make their money by trapping normal people into contracts. These contracts will go on into perpetuity and will often not fulfill the desired service. Lots of “owners” decide they will not pay their mortgage, and/or their maintenance fees. This could severely harm their […]
As a national law firm exclusively dedicated to timeshare law settlements and litigation, The Timeshare Law Firm is going to be filling class action cases against major timeshare resorts for mass violations of consumer laws. The Resorts failed to provide government-mandated warnings and advisories to protect […]
It’s a Simple calculation, but very important for consumers to know that “ownership” of a timeshare can be 5 to 10 times more expensive. We have seen owners who are paying more than that and don’t realize how expensive it is until it is too late. […]
The timeshare industry has long been known for its aggressive sales tactics and outdated model. Despite this reputation, a recent report claims that the average age of today’s timeshare owner is a surprising 39 years old. But is this really a sign of a rejuvenated industry, […]
Group forums are a great way for you to connect with others of similar interests. Sadly, when looking at the current offerings of other group forums, we have seen several bad actors who join or start groups with the goal of making money, whether or not […]
The FTC has released a video urging the public to report scams if they have been a victim. The video breaks down how the FTC works, How they stop scammers, And why Your input is so important. The FTC is network of different information from different […]
The FTC has released an article detailing a timeshare exit scheme that is in the crosser hairs of Wisconsin’s attorney general. They filed a suit against a company called “Consumer Law Protection,” and their related companies, owners and operators. The scam targeted the Elderly and was […]
The SEC published a warning from the FBI. Scammers are targeting owners of timeshares in Mexico. The scammers pretend they are working on behalf of a brokerage firm, travel agency, or even an escrow agent. Scammers claim they will buy your timeshare or claim you are […]
With inflation on the rise, we are seeing a worrying number of articles written to give the impression that timeshares are a “hedge over” or “beating” inflation. This is categorically not true. The basis of their argument is that with rising prices of hotel rooms, timeshare […]