Most Timeshare Companies make their money by trapping normal people into contracts. These contracts will go on into perpetuity and will often not fulfill the desired service. Lots of “owners” decide they will not pay their mortgage, and/or their maintenance fees. This could severely harm their credit, but at least they wouldn’t be at risk of losing their job because of delinquent payments.

According to, a lot of jobs in the military require a certain level of security clearance to have accesses to classified information or sensitive materials. Delinquent debt can cause military personnel to lose security clearance as it can be considered a risk to national security. The government has to ensure that individuals with access to such information are trustworthy and do not have any financial troubles that may compromise their ability to protect classified information.

Individuals who are unable to pay their debts on time may be more susceptible to financial pressure or temptation, which can make them vulnerable to bribery or blackmail. Additionally, financial problems can cause stress and distraction that can impact an individual’s ability to focus on their job, potentially leading to security breaches.

Therefore, delinquent debt is taken seriously by military officials when evaluating a service member’s eligibility for security clearance. Even small amounts of debt can be a cause for concern, and failure to address such debt can result in the loss of security clearance and possibly even discharge from the military. It is important for military personnel to maintain good financial standing and address any delinquent debt promptly to avoid jeopardizing their security clearance and career, and Timeshare Companies have no problem exploiting this fact.

Timeshare companies target service members because they must pay them or lose their job. It is win for the resort, because they are guaranteed a pay day (even if they committed Fraud) because they know the service member must pay in-order to keep their jobs.

We may appreciate these men and woman for their service to our country, but many timeshare companies will use the same high-pressure sales tactics to persuade military members to buy a timeshare, often claiming that it is a good investment or that it will provide them with a lifetime of affordable vacations. In reality, however, timeshares are not a good investment and are often difficult to sell or get out of once purchased. Military members may find themselves locked into a fraud contract that is costly, and does not provide them with the benefits they were promised.

Another issue that military members face is that they are often unable to use their timeshare due to their job requirements. They may be stationed overseas or deployed, making it impossible for them to take advantage of their timeshare. However, even if they are unable to use it, they are still responsible for making payments.

Timeshare Resorts abuse this limited use windows and security/debt requirements, to rinse as much money as possible out of the men and women that are oversees serving their country. However, the same discovery rule and laws that we talked about in our press release still apply to those in the armed services, so they are able to sue the resort to get out even if you bought many years ago. Please read our press release for more information on that.

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