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KY3: Missouri Attorney General On $800,000 Settlement And Tips To Avoid Timeshare Exit Scams

KSMU: Missouri Attorney General Announces $800,000 Settlement With Exit Companies

KY3 News: BBB Warns Against Timeshare Exit Scams

MoneyTalksNews: A Timeshare Is The #1 Worst Asset To Inherrit

FTC: Wisconsin Attorney General Takes Aim At Timeshare Scammers For Cheating Consumers Out of 90 Million

FTC: How To Avoid And Spot Timeshare Exit Scams

Military Times: Army Veteran suing Bluegreen Over Predatory Lending Practices

MoneyINC: 2020’s 10 Worst Timeshare Companies in the World

The Epoch Times: California—4 Arrested in Multimillion-Dollar Timeshare Exit Scam

The Epoch Times: Neighborhoods Rally Against Real Estate Company Pacaso for Timeshare Fraud

CBS News: Chigago—Timeshare Resale Scam Could Steal Millions from Consumers

WFTV 9: Timeshare Scammer Spills Trade Secrets Suit Filed Against Wyndham Vacation Resorts Claims Deceptive Exit Services

Class Action: Westgate Resorts, Ltd. Faces Class Action Suit Over Alleged Military Lending Act Violations

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 Controversial St. Louis County timeshare exit companies sued by Missouri AG’s office

Timeshares: One of 2022’s biggest scams

Timeshare Scams Actively Targeting Owners

CBS News (Video):  Colorado Timeshare Scam Victim Loses More Than $50,000

NJ Timeshare Company ordered to pay over $10 Million for Defrauding Timeshare Owners 

NBC News (Video) : Couple nearly gives thousands of dollars to fraudsters in timeshare scams 

ABC News: BBB shares travel scams, tips ahead of Memorial Day

Cleveland News Attempted Resale of a Timeshare

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