As a national law firm exclusively dedicated to timeshare law settlements and litigation, The Timeshare Law Firm is going to be filling class action cases against major timeshare resorts for mass violations of consumer laws. The Resorts failed to provide government-mandated warnings and advisories to protect purchasers at the time of sale, before they signed a contract.

The resorts involved in the lawsuits include “Travel + Leisure Co.” (Formerly “Wyndham”); Holiday Inn Club (Silverleaf Resorts, Orange Lake); Hilton Grand Vacations (Diamond Resorts); Marriott (Sheraton, Vistana, Hyatt); Berkley Group (Vacation Village, Lando, Massanutten); Geoholiday / Sapphire Resorts; ResortCom (Villa Del Group, El Cid); Bluegreen Resorts; Capital Vacations; And Westgate.

These lawsuits involve mass violation of Consumer Laws that were specifically designed by Government Regulators to protect Timeshare Purchasers at the time of sale, BEFORE they sign a contract, thus a failure to provide Government Mandated Warnings from Legislatures or the Department of Real Estate, such as:

  1. Timeshares are not a good investment;
  2. Timeshares are not an appreciating “asset” for your children;
  3. Timeshares are not easy to sell; and sometimes Advisories that warn,
  4. Consumers should not rely on hours of oral promises made by sales reps and managers.

Even if consumers bought their timeshare many years ago, they may still be eligible to join the class action and mass plaintiff actions under the “Discovery Rule.” The Timeshare law firm has used these laws as the number one cause of action in all cases since 2004.

Consumers who do not know their legal rights may seek help from “timeshare exit companies,” which may not be able to protect their legal rights and may even be criminal in nature.

It is crucial that consumers are aware of their legal rights when attempting to cancel a timeshare. The Timeshare Law Firm is committed to protecting those rights. Timeshare purchasers who were unlawfully denied government warnings and advisories may be entitled to Punitive Damages.

Consumers who believe they have been affected by mass violations of consumer laws should contact The Timeshare Law Firm to discuss their options.

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