It’s a Simple calculation, but very important for consumers to know that “ownership” of a timeshare can be 5 to 10 times more expensive. We have seen owners who are paying more than that and don’t realize how expensive it is until it is too late. So, we created a tool for you to find the true cost quickly.

Simply add up (or estimate) your mortgage payments for 10 years of payments then add in 10 years of maintenance fees (because they go up, resort fees often average 1.5 of the original fee times 10 years)


10 years of all mortgage payments + all maintenance fees = about $ ____K


Estimate other costs, like Down Payments, Fees (like RCI dues or other booking related fees) paid over 10 years and then add them to the cost above for a GRAND TOTAL COST = $____k


1 week = 6 nights x how many nights actually booked over 10 years = ­­­­________ nights

(Estimate future years based on past results)


Rough Cost of the rooms actually booked in the past (look up online, often about $200-$250) $_____


–> Take the GRAND TOTAL COST (above) $___K over 10 years and divide the total # of nights to get the

“owner’s” cost per night <$____>


–> Take the “owners” cost per night <$____> and divide it by the Rough Cost of online rooms per night.


____% How much more you paid as an “owner” vs. online.


Example of Costs (or of Estimates):

     $40k for ten years of mortgage payments

+   $15k for ten years of maintenance fees

+    $5k other costs over 10 years



Assuming you used it every year (rare), that is 60 nights


$60k / 60 nights = $1,000.00 per night


If your rooms cost about $250 in the years you booked (or estimated) over the 10 years, that costs you:


$1000 night “owner” costs  ÷  $250/ night online cost.


Which equals 400% more (4x more) than booking online. And you can book today and stay tonight! So why are you waiting 6-11 months only to have frustrated availability, unless you keep upgrading. (Note: lots of upgrades puts most “owners” up to 3000% [30x more] than people just booking it online, anytime and anywhere they want.)

See the link below for real total cost figures from a North California Federal District Court case we had against Wyndham, now “Travel + Leisure Inc”, which is the eye-popping to us, but was truly painful to these real-world “owners” of timeshares: owner-costs-Wyndham-filed-complaint.pdf


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