Radio host Dave Ramsey finds himself embroiled in a high-profile legal battle as he faces a $150 million lawsuit filed by 17 listeners who claim they were defrauded through his promotion of a timeshare exit company. The lawsuit alleges that Ramsey played a role in leading his followers astray and causing financial harm by endorsing Timeshare Exit Team, a company that promised to assist customers in getting out of their timeshare agreements but over time, developed a pattern of failing to deliver on its commitments.


The Lawsuit:

The legal action, filed in the Washington Western District Court in April 2023, names both Dave Ramsey and marketing company Happy Hour Media Group as Defendants. It alleges that Ramsey’s promoting of Timeshare Exit Team to his listeners, ultimately cost them financial losses. The lawsuit states that Timeshare Exit Team, paid Ramsey a staggering $30 million over a period of six years to advertise their services, with monthly payments amounting to $450,000.


Timeshare Exit Team Controversy:

In 2021, the company faced legal repercussions and was ordered by the Washington State attorney general to cease deceptive practices and pay $2.6 million in restitution to victims. Subsequently, the company ceased its operations.


Ramsey’s Involvement and Allegations:

Each of the 17 plaintiffs in the lawsuit claims to have paid significant amounts to Timeshare Exit Team based on Ramsey’s endorsements. However, they assert that they were often advised to negotiate with their timeshare companies independently and encountered difficulties in reaching out to the company for assistance. The lawsuit alleges that Ramsey promoted the company from 2015 to 2021 and only discontinued his endorsement when the payments ceased. It is argued that during this period, Timeshare Exit Team generated approximately $70 million in fees from customers referred by Ramsey.


Ramsey’s Response:

As complaints against Timeshare Exit Team mounted, Ramsey allegedly became increasingly defensive and combative about his association with the company. The lawsuit states that instead of acknowledging the deception, Ramsey recorded a radio segment in which he criticized parties he believed were responsible for Timeshare Exit Team’s troubles, including the timeshare companies. Mr. Ramsey even laid blame upon the Washington State Attorney General (this is offensive to Lawyers and Consumer Advocates alike). The plaintiffs’ lawyers contend that Ramsey profited from his listeners’ money without addressing their concerns or returning any of the funds paid to him by Timeshare Exit Team.



The $150 million lawsuit against Dave Ramsey sheds light on the allegations of fraudulent practices surrounding the promotion of Timeshare Exit Team. As the legal battle unfolds, Ramsey faces accusations of leading his listeners into financial harm through his association with the company. The outcome of this lawsuit will have significant implications for both Ramsey’s reputation as a financial advisor and the accountability of public figures when endorsing services to their followers.

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