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The organic search rank leader for many years… no SEO tricks. The Abrams Firm is one of the the industry’s leading timeshare divestment firms with a stellar published track record (below). You should only trust a Law Firm, with verifiable Lawyers who consult directly with you. You must be able to confirm with their State Bar Association online in real-time that the Lawyer’s phone number and website matches the licensed Lawyer’s information listed at the Bar Association.

Our Lawyers work directly with our Clients. We Demand as your legal counsel that the resort release clients pursuant to legal research of Fraud and Statutory violations. 100% of the case work is performed through our Consumer Protection Attorneys for a consumer-friendly $3500 fee.

Empowered Consumers get clear & transparent information to make an informed decision

No Sales… No Lies… No Harassing Calls… No Pressure… Call us at 360-918-8196 for a complimentary consultation directly with a Consumer Attorney. Attorneys don’t lie to their Clients, they look out for your interests. Complete transparency of pricing (top of our homepage) and Bar Association verification (official website, phone number, and complaint-free Bar standing). This law firm’s commitment to absolute transparency is a rarity in the timeshare world. Due to efficiency of results in 2019 and 2020, our flat fee rates have dropped to a record low for attorney-timeshare services (even below what fraudulent timeshare exit companies are charging). And there are particularly huge savings (thousands, to tens of thousands) for higher balance mortgages, where innovation is nothing new for the dominant market leader in all key sectors:

(1) All Licensed Attorneys with Divestment Expertise; (2) Published Track Record; (3) Reliability & Safety; (4) Transparency; and (5) Cost-effective Pricing

The Best for Less! the Safest… Priceless!!

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2009 -> 100% of owners successfully divested
2010 -> 100% of owners successfully divested
2011 -> 100% of owners successfully divested
2012 -> 100% of owners successfully divested
2013 -> 96% + specific reasons why
2014 -> 2014-2015 ending calculations
*Past Performance does not guarantee results

2019 -> 100% – only sure to win cases accepted


Cancel a Timeshare

End timeshare ownership legally with dignity! > Legal Documents: Reviewed by skilled Lawyers > Secure objectives, end all resort obligations

Now you can have a stress-free final chapter to your timeshare story. This is a new paradigm for most Timeshare Owners, because Consumer Protection Attorneys have the fundamental perspective that “Consumers” are at the TOP of the Pyramid.

Our vital public interest objective has evolved to a dedicated mission for consumer resolutions, because absent such a commitment to justice, people would face daunting odds of achieving a lawful resolution. The Abrams Firm fully manages consumer timeshare divestment needs efficiently and with the commitment to Fundamental Rights that consumers deserve.

The Firm is a respected leader in legal timeshare divestment services, within an aftermarket industry that is riddled with timeshare fraud. With a track record of literally Thousands of successful consumer matters, we may be selective, but that is an advantage.

There are no 800# telemarketers, salespeople or even any paralegals or caseworkers, as 100% of the case work is done by Consumer Protection Attorneys who will work 1-on-1 with you, and with mega-resorts and vacation clubs, managing every aspect throughout your case until ownership is divested.


Answering all the Needs of Timeshare Owners that have been identified by Consumer Protectorates, including Government Regulators from the FTC, Attorney General Offices and Justice Departments.

This website does not provide legal advisement, and to obtain legal representation a signed contract is required.