The Timeshare Law Firm

  — Licensed Lawyers used at all levels
  — Efficient and Affordable Legal Representation
  — Nationwide and International Timeshare Divestment

  — Timeshare Law has been our exclusive focus for 18 years

100% TRANSPARENCY – Case Structure and Costs in an Open Light

Here’s How It Works…

Negotiated Settlement Period – 30 Days – $1000 Retainer payment
(1) Immediate Service of Notice of Legal Representation, and
(2) Demand for Release and pre-filing $5000 settlement offer
(3) The resort releases you and pays your legal fees—$0.00 Net Cost to our Clients

However, if a resort resists fair settlement…

We sue until we secure an Accepted Settlement or a Final Judgement in a Court of Law. You never pay more than the $5000 flat fee, ever

Litigation Structure – Retainer balance of $4000 (no-interest payments)
(1) Case Building and Complaint Drafting
(2) Case Filing and Service on the Defendant
(3) Motions, Discovery, Trial, Damages (including applicable Enhanced or Punitive Damages)
(4) As always, all costs and attorney fees are all covered under the Retainer (and/or subsidized by the Firm until the Defendant pays the true costs of Litigation)

Clients choose the pace  to sue immediately or with flexible no-interest payments that work for you. Clients can pay the $4000 retainer balance over 4 months, or 8 months without interest or fees and we will time the case procedures accordingly.

THE TIMESHARE LAW FIRM has transparent costs and procedures that put you in control of what was an out-of-control problem. 
Lawyers perform legal analysis and advisement concerning the legally relevant facts specific to your case. Know your legal rights under the applicable law! If you are not expertly prepared to win in a court of law (Lawyered-Up with a solid case), why would the resort even consider letting you out?

Settlements and Litigation
The timeshare industry thrives on delays and false promises trying to wear down opponents, but your Law Firm just keeps heading in one direction (Trial), unless the resort satisfies the Settlement Mandates set by you with legal counsel.

Security of a Law Firm

> End timeshare ownership legally with dignity!

> End all resort obligations–past, present and future. 

Empowered Consumers get clear & transparent information to make an informed decision
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