Group forums are a great way for you to connect with others of similar interests. Sadly, when looking at the current offerings of other group forums, we have seen several bad actors who join or start groups with the goal of making money, whether or not they get people out of their timeshare.

A lot of group forums that we have seen suffer from the same issues: Lax moderation, No engagement, and/or frequented or run by scammers in hopes you will pay money for fraudulent schemes. We wanted to change that. Our forums will allow you to ask questions and receive answers from by the licensed Attorneys at The Timeshare Law Firm. You can receive competent legal advisement from licensed attorneys skilled in timeshare law, so you can know your legal rights.

What makes these other groups so attractive is the fact that there are a lot of real people [owners] in these groups who are actively asking questions alongside [surreptitious salespeople] bad faith actors. This allows the appearance of legitimate dialogue, but in reality, it is just to hide the scammers.

We have separated out Facebook groups across multiple different forums for different timeshare resorts and vacation clubs. This allows us to provide more details on the specifics of your resort, and specific content related to that resort, including the specific type of lawsuits against your resort. You will also be able to connect with people going through the same issues that you are facing. To be sure they are real owners like you, just avoid anyone who sells (or refers to salespeople), and you can check with the FBI, FTC, or State Law enforcement to see if they have a match for a known fraudulent company.

Our goal is to get as many people to a safer and real solution through direct Lawyer-Client representation for the casework at all phases as possible. We believe that the best way of accomplishing this goal is through education. Scammers (many of which are former Timeshare Sales Reps) will often lure people in with “guarantees of cancelation” (a guarantee is usually a sign of a scam) or claiming as non-lawyers they will somehow get your money back. Or, magically clean up your credit. This is the kind of blatant false promises that got people stuck in their timeshares to begin with, and we are just trying to course correct.

The only guarantee is a Release by the Resort, or a Ruling by a Judge. And, that’s the way to demand your money back and ensure credit repair, which is a standard feature of attorney-driven Negotiated Settlement Agreements… and these are the jobs of licensed Attorneys who are going to litigate for your rights, unless you are rapidly released.

You can find our group forums by following the link:


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