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 This is how it feels to finally get out of a timeshare!

What is Timeshare Divestment?

In the following sections (red FAQ menu on the left), some key terms and concepts are defined to assist timeshare owners to know How to Get out of a Timeshare (i.e. Ownership Divestment).

If you need any Definitions or on-point info, you can… Search_______ our Glossary of Timeshare Terms or search The Abrams Firm’s Blogs (the search bar is below the red FAQ menu on the left).  

The term “Timeshare Divestment” is not used by most consumers. Consumers may call it “how to sell a timeshare” or “how to cancel a timeshare” or “safe ways to sell a timeshare” or even “get rid of a timeshare” or something like it, and they all mean the same as: “Timeshare Divestment”.

7-Phase R&D (Case Research and Case Development) is used to analyze your case with timeshare-specific Consumer Protection Attorney expertise. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Consumer Lawyer for an accurate evaluation of your case.

What Are Some Legal Ways to Get out of a Timeshare?

No matter the phrase they use, consumers simply want to know the safest and best ways (and hopefully the cheapest and most cost-efficient ways) of how to get out of a timeshare. But there is a larger question, because a fraudulent transfers or sham listings are not a legal ways to get out of a timeshare. And further questions come up, like is it a “deeded timeshare” interest or something different like “points” or a “vacation club”.  You can always call The Abrams Firm and talk to a real Consumer Protection Attorney 1-on-1, for a complimentary lawyer consultation, to find out precisely how your specifics fit into the Big Picture.

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