Purchasing a timeshare is often done for logical reasons, whether it’s making use of the heavy discounts they offer, or a future investment interest. Unfortunately, the Timeshare industry knows how to manipulate their consumers, and all too frequently, owners find themselves trapped in a financial downfall that they can’t escape from. Timeshares are rarely ever sold to a consumer truthfully, and these deceptive business practices catch thousands of consumers unaware of the true costs and debt they are signing up for. Fortunately, there is a way out. Through a licensed Timeshare Attorney, you can properly cancel your timeshare contract, and safeguard your finances against the industry.

“Just Stop Paying”

You may hear this argument frequently when it comes to divestment and cancellation, that resorts have no true authority over your finances, and that all it takes to clear yourself of the contract is to break it yourself and to simply stop paying. This is sadly not the case, and intentionally breaching your contract, no matter how egregious, is never wise. While timeshares hold no intrinsic value, your credit score may still be jeopardized, and you are still liable to be sued by the resorts in a civil court should they choose to pursue it.

By going through the proper channels and hiring a licensed attorney specializing in timeshare divestment, you gain a tremendous advantage in furthering your case, as only an attorney can represent your legal interest through all stages of negotiation. Should the resort refuse to comply with the termination of your contract, you have a legal recourse, and can further pursue your case in a court of law. Additionally, the contracts themselves are often written with numerous clauses to give every advantage to the resort, but a skilled lawyer can deftly maneuver around their system and find the perfect avenue to present your case. Lawyers are your guardians against the resort’s interests and can take over the overwhelming negotiation one must have endure to properly free themselves of a timeshare.

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