Alaska timeshare law is governed under their real property statute, more specifically in their common interest ownership act. Which governs not only timeshares but condominiums and any sort of shared development. Since the law is not specific to just timeshares its often more difficult to know how the rules will look at it. In situations like this it is invaluable to have a lawyer who specializes in timeshare law to review your unique case.

Extended Rescission Period

A rather rare thing about Alaska’s timeshare law is that it gives an unusually long ‘cool off’ or rescission period to get out of your contract. In Alaska, the right to cancel your contract extends for 15 days from receiving your statutory required disclosure documents. In many states it can be as short as 72 hours, but Alaska gives you a full two weeks to decide if you want to get out.

Rescission Period: 15 Days

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