Arizona timeshare law is governed under the timeshare owners’ association and management act. Which is enumerated in AZ Rev Stat § 33-2201-2211 (2020). The statute has specific authority over any other laws in Arizona for timeshare property and associations but focuses on the responsibility of the managing entity as opposed to the owners use.

Duties of the Managers

The timeshares owner’s association laws in Arizona are set up to give the owners some favor. It specifically lays out the obligations and responsibilities that managers of timeshares are required to give to their owners. While many of these relate to the duties of the manage, some like 33-2206 (5) encourage managers to extend an owner’s benefits if they are unable to use their timeshare for any reason. It also puts the responsibility on the mangers to disclose the relevant information to owners even prior to purchase

Rescission: 10 Days

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