California timeshare law is generally applied through the California Vacation Ownership and Time-Share Act of 2004 . It governs general management of timeshares as well as sale, creation, and enforcement of timeshare laws. Unlike many states California restricts timeshare management to the state as the enforcer rather than delegating it to a real estate agency acting on behalf of the state. CA Bus & Prof Code § 11280 (2019).

Public Reporting

In California you are required to be given a public report that discloses many elements of the timeshare when you contract for a timeshare. Those timeshare reports are only valid for 5 years. Importantly the original report you may have been given during your initial signing has to be updated with any material changes to the complex. Make sure you know what is going on with your timeshare and the changes to it, they are required to inform you.

Rescission Period: 7 Days

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