Orlando Florida is home to one of the largest number of timeshares in the US and houses some the biggest timeshare corporations. As you can expect from an industry that is largely built on timeshares the law is extensive and tends to favor the timeshare corporations over the consumer. Florida timeshare law is housed in the Vacation and Timeshare Plan statute under Title XL real and personal property.

Timeshare Games

Florida speaks specifically to advertisement restrictions for timeshares. It has become somewhat common for advertisements to lure prospective owners with the potential winning of a timeshare in a sweepstakes, or promotion that then will latter need to be upgraded. The law requires that in Florida promotional offers be honest and limited to the number of winners when dealing with timeshares. It forces timeshare companies to follow through on their promised sweepstakes. While you personally may not be the winner, someone must be.

Rescission Period: 10 Days

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