Timeshare law in Idaho falls under property in general title 55. Weirdly the title of the statute is “ land located outside the state ” but has previously been known as the subdivided land act (which is essentially what it governs). It governs any land that has division of property rights, which includes timeshares as well as condominiums.

Consumer Protection Law Too

Idaho’s timeshare law is further extended by their Consumer Protection act. Interestingly it considers violations of the Land Act (the timeshare law) will also be punishable under consumer protection law which extends punishment up to a felony . In many states violations of timeshare law are mostly just damages to the violator they may have to pay a couple thousand for failure to comply. Idaho takes it one step further when it is the resort that is in violation and can take it up to a felony charge.

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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