Iowa timeshares law is under a state specific statute real property code XIV . While Iowa does not have a huge share of timeshares property, they do have large share of timeshare law. The Iowa code is specific to some of the more important timeshare rights, such as disclosures, liens, sale, development, and management.

Exchange Program Disclosures

While in most states developers are required to disclose certain facts about the timeshare rental property itself Iowa takes it a step further by requiring additional disclosures if the program is a part of an exchange program .  Exchange programs are often required as part of timeshare ownership, and you may be a part of one yourself. They essentially allow members to exchange their points through a third party (RCI, Interval International) who convert their points into a different week/place to stay Iowa raises the bar on what a potential owner are required to know when getting into not just a timeshare but an exchange program. Know your rights regarding your timeshare if you think there is something you ought to have been told see if it is required, or talk to one of our attorneys today

Rescission Period: 5 Days

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