Timeshare Litigation

For clients who want to sue to get their money back, even Punitive Damages, the Firm has filed lawsuits for Multiparty Actions that you can join.

It’s normal to pay tens of thousands to litigate against a billion-dollar company, but these multiparty actions are cost-effective Pro-Consumer solutions for $10,000 (total litigation cost!).

See if your facts are similar to the lawsuit Fact sections and the Plaintiffs’ detailed facts in these cases and you may have a good match and reason to call for a free consultation to see if you qualify for a spot in one of these filed lawsuits.

Hilton Litigation | Hilton Lit. Facts Supp.

Bluegreen Litigation | Bluegreen Lit. Facts Supp.

Westgate Litigation | Holiday Inn (Silverleaf and Orange Lake)

GeoHoliday Litigation (Sapphire, Starpoint) | GeoHoliday Lit. Facts Supp.

Recently Filed: 07/18/2019 – ResortCom (Villa del Group, El Cid)

Recently Filed: 08/26/2019 against Defendants Wyndham and RCI (“RCI” was created by Wyndham)

See and Compare your Fraud Allegations: Plaintiff Facts Supplement

And Filing soon: Capital Resorts, FantaSea Resorts

These resorts are alleged to have committed bait & switch fraud , and now shall face the great leveler of Consumer Justice! Sound-minded Juries and Judges of impartial, pure judgment shall hear a small group of victims who all speak the same truths to split what can be many millions in damages to punish the defendant and deter future predatory conduct.

“It’s the most unconscionable conduct imaginable that we put on Trial…but we can’t help that, we must show it in it’s True Light.”

– Sol A. Abrams on Alcatraz

Litigation against a multi-million or billion-dollar company could cost $50,000. But here, consumer-victims sue to end abusive payments from a fraud contract, and to protect their family’s future generations from eternal debt, and ultimately, to teach a recalcitrant offender a lesson. Accordingly, we structure our lawsuits to meet the needs of ordinary people in a very extraordinary situation.