Maryland timeshare law falls into their real property statute and is a subpart of their condominium law MD Real Prop Code § 11A . Maryland puts stricter requirements on the sale of timeshare estates than most other states. Particularly focusing on the licensing requirements of brokers.  

Licensing Requirements

Maryland requires two separate forms of licensing to conduct timeshare sales in their state. First the person selling the timeshare is required to be a licensed real estate broker. Second, the timeshare sale is required to be overseen by a “project broker”. Which is essentially someone who oversees the specific sales of timeshares as a separate feature from standard real estate. If you think that you may have been sold a timeshare but someone who was unlicensed, or who did not disclose their licensure you should talk to a lawyer who specializes in timeshare law to review your case.

Rescission Period: 10 Days

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